Geographical Index of Greek Mints, Rulers, Etc.

This is a traditional ordering of the ancient Mediterranean world, arranged clockwise starting in Spain and going around Europe west-to-east, then Asia Minor, then Africa from east to west.

Wildwinds does not yet have coin pages for every city, although new pages are being constantly added. Many provincial coins of cities without their own pages are, however, listed on the page of the king or emperor.

Lists of issuing authorities with coin pages on Wildwinds.

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Osicerda, Hispania
Arekorata = Arecoratas
Titiakos = Titiacus
Hispania Citerior
Arsaos (Saguntum), Hispania Citerior
Bolskan, Hispania Citerior
Emporiai = Emporion = Emporiae, Hispania Citerior
Rhoda, Hispania Citerior
Kissa, Hispania Citerior
Tarraco, Hispania Citerior
Dertosa, Hispania Citerior
Celsa (aka Lepida), Hispania Citerior
Ilercavonia with Dertosa, Hispania Citerior
Ilerda, Lerida - Upper Ebro, Hispania Citerior
Osca, Upper Aragon, Hispania Citerior
Cascantum, Hispania Citerior
Graccurris, Hispania Citerior
Calagurris Julia, Hispania Citerior
Clunia, Hispania Citerior
Segovia, Hispania Citerior (same as Segobriga?)
Erala, Hispania Citerior
Ercavica, Hispania Citerior
Segea, Hispania Citerior
Sekia, Upper Aragon, Hispania Citerior
Bilbilis, Hispania Citerior
Numantia, Hispania Citerior
Caesaraugusta, Hispania Citerior
Turiaso = Turiasu
Damania, Hispania Citerior
Saguntum (Arsaos), Hispania Citerior
Valentia, Hispania Citerior
Segobriga = Conterbia Carbika, Hispania Citerior
Contebacom, later Segobriga = Conterbia Carbika, Hispania Citerior
Carthago Nova, Hispania Citerior
Ilici or Illici, Hispania Citerior
Saetabis, Hispania Citerior
Segisa, Hispania Citerior
Castulo, Hispania Citerior
Acci, Hispania Citerior
Untikesken, Catalonia, Spain
Acinipo, near Seville, Spain
Cunbaria, area of Seville, Spain
Ventipo, Seville, Spain

Hispania Ulterior (covering parts of Portugal)
Baesuri, Portugal
Corduba = Cordoba, Hispania Ulterior
Obulco, Hispania Ulterior
Orippo, Hispania Ulterior
Abdera, Hispania Ulterior
Sexi, Sexsi, Sekia? Hispania Ulterior
Malaca, Hispania Ulterior
Murtilis = Mértola, (Portugal) Hispania Ulterior
Irippo, Hispania Ulterior
Laelia, Hispania Ulterior
Lastigi, Hispania Ulterior
Urso, Hispania Ulterior
Ebora = Evora (Portugal), Hispania Ulterior
Ebura Cerealis, Hispania Ulterior
Ulia, Hispania Ulterior
Iliberi, Hispania Ulterior
Carteia, Hispania Ulterior
Carissa or Carisa, Hispania Ulterior
Cerit, Hispania Ulterior
Julia Traducta, Hispania Ulterior
Oba, Hispania Ulterior
Gades, Hispania Ulterior
Ilipa, Hispania Ulterior
Colonia Romula, Hispania Ulterior
Hispalis, Hispania Ulterior
Osset, Hispania Ulterior
Pax Julia, Portugal
Italica, Hispania Ulterior
Sacili, Hispania Ulterior
Searo, Hispania Ulterior
Emerita, Hispania Ulterior
Balearic Islands
Ebusus, Balearic Islands

Antipolis, Roman Colonies in Gaul
Avenio, Roman Colonies in Gaul
- Cabellio, Gaul
- Massalia, Gaul
- Narbonensis, Gaul
- Nemausus, Gaul
- Vienna, Gaul
- Auriol Find or Auriol Hoard types
The Longostaletae, Tribes, Southern Gaul
Kaiantolos, Kings of the Narbonensis, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Cadurci, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Cavarii, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Elusates, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Sotiates, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Volcae Tectosages, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Arverni, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Allobroges, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Tolosates, Tribes, Southern Gaul
The Bituriges Cubi, Tribes, Central and Eastern Gaul
The Aeduii, Tribes, Central and Eastern Gaul
The Ambarri, Tribes, Central and Eastern Gaul
The Sequani, Tribes, Central and Eastern Gaul
The Rauraci, Tribes, Central and Eastern Gaul
League against Ariovistos and the Helvetii, Central and Eastern Gaul, Gaulish Tribes
The Vangiones, a Germanic Tribe, Eastern Gaul
The Santones, Tribes, Western Gaul
The Lemovices, Tribes, Western Gaul
The Pictones, Tribes, Western Gaul
The Namnetes or the Andecavi, Tribes, Western Gaul
The Osismii, Tribes, Western Gaul
The Redones, Tribes, Western Gaul
- - The Baiocasses, Tribes, Western Gaul
The Amoricans, Tribes, Western Gaul
- Channel Isles
The Carnutes, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Aulerci Eburovices, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Veliocasses, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Caletes, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Ambiani, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Morini, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Atrebates, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Veromandui, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Nervii, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Aduatuci, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Treviri or Treveri, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Parisii, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Bellovaci, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Suessiones, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Meldi, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Remi, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Mediomatrici, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Leuci, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Lingones, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Senones, Tribes, Northern Gaul
The Veniti, Celtic Tribes, Brittany & Britain
The Atrebates
- - - Tincommius or Tincomaros, Ruler of The Atrebates
- - - Epillus or Eppillus, Ruler of The Atrebates
- - - Epaticcus, Ruler of The Atrebates, 35-43 BC
- - - The Cantii
The Catuvellauni
- Tasciovanus, King of The Catuvellauni 20 BC - 9 AD.
- Cunobelin, King of The Catuvellauni (and a large area of Britain) 9-43 AD.
The Trinovantes
The Atrebates and Regni, Later Uninscribed Issues
The Catuvellauni, Later Uninscribed Issues
The Durotridges or Durotriges, Later Uninscribed Issues
The Iceni, Later Uninscribed Issues
- Celtic Raetia
- - The Raetians
The Helvetii (Switzerland)
- - The Tigurini
The Vindelici
- Celtic Northern Italy
The Insubres
- Celtic Rhine Valley
- Eastern Celts
Celtic Transylvania
Celtic Burgenland
- Celtic Pannonia
The Boii
The Cotini
The Eravisci or Aravisci
- - The Marcomanni
- - The Quadi
- Celtic Noricum
The Carinthians
- Danubian Celts
The Bartkranzavers
- - The Balkan Thraco-Getae Tribes
- Celtic Dacia
- Celtic Macedonia
The Agriones
- - (see also Thraco-Macedonian Tribes)
- Celtic Galatia
- Etruria
uncertain mints, Etruria
Arretium, Etruria
Populonia/Vetulonia, Etruria
Peithesa, Etruria
Volsinii, Etruria
Thezi or Thezle, Etruria
Chiana Valley, Etruria
uncertain mints, Cast Issues
- Umbria
Ariminum, Umbria
Iguvium, Umbria
Tuder, Umbria
- Picenum
Ancona, Picenum
Asculum (apparently not the same as Asculum, Apulia)
Firmum, Picenum
Hatria, Picenum
- Latium
Alba Fucens, Latium
Signia, Latium
Aquinum, Latium
- Samnium
Aesernia, Samnium
Aquilonia, Samnium
Beneventum, Samnium
- Frentani
Frentrum, Frentani
Larinum, Frentani
- Campania
Allifae, Campania
Atella, Campania
Caiatia, Campania
Calatia, Campania
Cales, Campania
Capua, Campania
Compulteria or Cubulteria, Campania
Cumae, Campania
Fenseris, Campania
Hyria, Campania
Neapolis (Neopolis ?), Campania
Nola, Campania
Nuceria Alfaterna, Campania
Phistelia, Campania
Suessa Aurunca, Campania
Teanum Sidicinum, Campania
- Apulia
Arpi, Apulia
Ausculum = Asculum, Apulia
Azetion = Azetium, Apulia
Barium, Apulia
Butuntum, Apulia
Caelia, Apulia
Canusium, Apulia
Hyrium or Uria, Apulia
Luceria, Apulia
Mateola, Apulia
Neapolis (Neopolis ?), Apulia
Orra, Apulia
Rubi, Apulia
Salapia, Apulia
Teate, Apulia
Venusia, Apulia
- Calabria
Brundisium, Calabria
Graxa, Calabria
Hyria or Orra, Calabria
Sturnium, Calabria
Tarentum, Calabria
Uxentum, Calabria
- Lucania
The Lucani, Lucania
Herakleia = Heraclea, Lucania
Hyele = Velia, Lucania
Laos = Laus, Lucania
Metapontum, Lucania
Poseidonia, or Paestum, Lucania
Siris and Pyxus, Lucania
Sybaris, Lucania
Thourioi = Thurium, Lucania
Kopia or Copia, (Roman Thourioi from 194 BC)
Velia, Lucania
- Bruttium
The Brettii & The Brettian League
Kaulonia = Caulonia
Croton = Kroton
Heiponion, Hipponium, Hipponion, Hipponium = Vibo Valentia
Lokroi = Locri Epizephyrii
Mesma = Medma
Mystia and Hyporon
Skylletion = Skylletium, possibly Sicily
Rhegium = Rhegion
Brettian League
Abacaenum = Abakainon
Akrai = Akrae = Acrae
Acragas = Agrigentum = Akragas
Adranon = Adranum
Agyrium = Agyrion
Alaesa = Alaisa
Alontion = Aluntium
Amesalon or Ameselon, mercenaries of Sicily
Kalacte or Calacte
Camarina = Kamarina
The Campani
Catana = Katane
Centuripae = Kentoripai
Cephaloedium = Kephaloidion
Enna = Henna
Heraclea Minoa
Herbessos = Herbessus
Hybla Magna
Lilybaeum = Lilybaion
Megara Hyblaia
Menainon = Menaenum
Zankle = Messana
The Mamertini
Mytistratos = Mytistratus
Nacona = Nakona
Naxus = Naxos
Panormus = Panormos
The Sikeliotes
Selinus = Silienos
Sileraioi = Silerae
Stiela or Styella
- - - First Democracy, 510-485 BC.
- - - Deinomenid Tyranny, 485-466 BC.
- - - - Gelon, Tyrant of Gela 491-478 BC, and of Syracuse 485-478 BC.
- - - - Hieron I, 478-466 BC.
- - - Second Democracy, 466-412 BC.
- - - Carthaginians rule Punic Sicily, 410-405 BC
- - - Dionysius I, 405-367 BC
- - - Dionysius II, 367-344 BC
- - - Dion, 367-366 and 357-353 BC
- - - Timoleon & the Third Democracy, 344-366 BC
- - - Third Democracy, 366-317 BC
- - - Agathokles, 317-289 BC
- - - Fourth Democracy, 289-278 BC
- - - Hiketas, 287-278 BC.
- - - Pyrrhos = Pyrrhus, 278-276 BC (listed under Kingdom of Epeiros)
- - - Hieron II, King 275-215 BC
- - - Philistis, Wife of Heiron II
- - - Gelon, Son of Heiron II, 216-215 BC
- - - Hieronymos, 215-214 BC
- - - Fifth Democracy, 214-212 BC.
- - - Syracuse under the Romans, after 215 BC
Tauromenium = Tauromenion
Thermae Himerenses
The Tyrrhenoi
- Islands off Sicily
Lipara, Sicilian Islands
Lopadusa, Sicilian Islands
Melita = Malta, Sicilian Islands
Cossura, Sicilian Islands
Caralis, Sardinia
- Siculo Punic Coinage
Pangaean District
The Orreskioi = Orrescii, Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, the Pangaean District
Zaeelii, Pangaean District
Pernaei, Pangaean District
Dionysii, Pangaean District
Laeae, Pangaean District
Neapolis (Neopolis ?), Pangaean District
Eion, Pangaean District
Emathian District
Lete, Emathian District
Aegae = Aigai
Ichnae = Ichnai, Thraco-Macedonian Tribe of the Emathian District
Tynteni, Emathian District
Bisaltian District
- Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, the Bisaltian District
The Bisaltae
- Mosses (?), The Bisaltae
- Demetrius, The Bisaltae
- Bastareus, The Bisaltae
The Edoni
Getas, The Edoni
The Odomanti
- Derrones, Derronicus, The Odomanti
Docimus, The Odomanti
- The Mygdones or Krestones
Chalcidian District
Orthagoreia, Chalcidian District
Apollonia, Chalcidian District
Argilos, Chalcidian District
Arnae, Chalcidian District
Akanthos = Acanthus, Chalcidian District
Olophyxus, Chalcidian District
Uranopolis, Chalcidian District
Terone or Torone, Chalcidian District
Sermylia = Sermyle, Chalcidian District
Olynthus = Olynthos
Spartolus, Chalcidian District
Aphytus, Chalcidian District
Scione, Chalcidian District
Mende, Chalcidian District
Capsa or Scapsa, Chalcidian District
Potidaea, Chalcidian District
Cassandrea = Kassandreia = Cassandreia, Eurydicea (same city as Potidaea)
The Bottice, Chalcidian District
Dicaea = Dikaia, Chalcidian District (Thrace)
Aeneia, Chalcidian District
Strymonian and Bottiaean District
Amphipolis, Strymonian and Bottiaean District
Tragilus, Strymonian and Bottiaean District
Philippi, Strymonian and Bottiaean District
Methone, Strymonian and Bottiaean District
Pydna, Strymonian and Bottiaean District
Kings Of Macedonia
Demetrius II, ca 450-400 BC
Alexander I, 495 to 454 BC
Perdiccas II = Perdikkas II, 454 to 413 BC
Archelaus, 413 to 399 BC
Aeropus = Aeropos, 396 to 392 BC
Amyntas II, 392 to 390 BC
Pausanias, 395-393 BC
Amyntas III, Kings of Macedon
Alexander II, Kings of Macedon
Perdiccas = Perdikkas III
Philip II, Kings of Macedon
Alexander III, Kings of Macedon
Philip III or Aridaeus, Kings of Macedon
Alexander IV, Kings of Macedon
Cassander = Kassander
Philip IV, Kings of Macedon
Alexander V, Kings of Macedon
Antigonas = Antogonos the One Eyed
Ptolemy Keraunos
Demetrius Poliorcetes = Demetrios Polioketes
Pyrrhus = Pyrrhos, King of Epeiros and Macedonia, 274-272 BC
Anonymous Issues of the Interregnum
Antigonas Gonatas, Kings of Macedon
Antigonas Gonatas or Doson, Kings of Macedon
Demetrius II = Demetrios II
Philip V, Kings of Macedon
Automonous Issues without kings' name
T Quinctius Flamininus, Kings of Macedon
Perseus, Kings of Macedon
Adaeus, Kings of Macedon
Kingdom of Paeonia
Mosses, King of Paeonia Circa 480 BC.
Lycceius = Lykkeios, King of Paeonia 356-335 BC.
Patraus = Patraos, King of Paeonia 335-315 BC
Audoleon =King of Paeonia 315 or 310-286 BC
Dropion, King of Paeonia
Nicarchus, King of Paeonia
Macedonia, as Roman Province
Koinon of Macedonia, Roman Macedonia
Amphaxitis, Roman Macedonia
Beroea, Roman Macedonia
Bottiaea, Roman Macedonia
Dium, Roman Macedonia
Edessa, Roman Macedonia
Heracleia Sintica, Roman Macedonia
Pella, Roman Macedonia
Phila, Roman Macedonia
Scotussa or Cotusa, Roman Macedonis
Stobi, Roman Macedonia under the Romans
Thessalonica, Roman Macedonia
Southern Coast of Thrace
Abdera, Southern Coast of Thrace
Aenus = Ainos
Maroneia, Southern Coast of Thrace
Phytaeum (?), Southern Coast of Thrace
Trie[rus] (?), Southern Coast of Thrace
Kypsela or Cypsela, Southern Coast of Thrace
Thracian Chersonesus
Aegospotami, Thracian Chersonesus
Agathopolis, Thracian Chersonesus
Alopeconnesus, Thracian Chersonesus
Kardia = Cardia, Thracian Chersonesus
Cherronesus = Cherronesos, Thracian Chersonesus
Coela or Coelus, Thracian Chersonesus
Crithote, Thracian Chersonesus
Elaeus, Thracian Chersonesus
Lysimacheia = Lysimachia, Thracian Chersonesus
Paktye, Thracian Chersonesus
Madytos = Madytus, Thracian Chersonesus
Sestos = Sestus
Islands of Thrace
Hephaistia = Hephaestia, Lemnos, Islands of Thrace
Imbros, Lemnos, Islands of Thrace
Myrina, Lemnos, Islands of Thrace
Samothrace, Islands of Thrace
Thasos, Islands of Thrace
European Coast of the Propontis
Bisanthe, The European Coast of the Propontis
Byzantium, The European Coast of the Propontis
Byzantium and Nicea (?), The European Coast of the Propontis
Perinthos = Perinthus
Selymbria = Salymbria, The European Coast of the Propontis
Odrysae = Odrysus, The European Coast of the Propontis
- Eastern Coast of Thrace
Anchialus, Eastern Coast of Thrace
Apollonia Pontica, Eastern Coast of Thrace
Mesembria, Eastern Coast of Thrace
Odessus, Eastern Coast of Thrace
Inland Cities of Thrace
Augusta Traiana, Inland Cities of Thrace
Bizya, Inland Cities of Thrace
Cabyle, Thrace
Deultum, Inland Cities of Thrace
Hadrianopolis, Inland Cities of Thrace
Nicopolis ad Nestum = Nikopolis ad Mestum
Pautalia, Inland Cities of Thrace
Philippopolis, Inland Cities of Thrace
Plotinopolis, Inland Cities of Thrace
Serdica, Inland Cities of Thrace
Topiros = Topirus, Inland Cities of Thrace
Trajanopolis, Inland Cities of Thrace
Sparadokos = Sparadocus, king of the Odrysae, Thracian Kings
Seuthes I, Thracian Kings
Metocus, Thracian Kings
Amadokos I & II, Thracian Kings
Teres II = Tenes II
Teres III = Tenes III
Eminacus (?), Thracian Kings
Saratocus = Seratokos
Bergaeus, Thracian Kings
Cetriporis, Thracian Kings
Cotys I = Kotys I
Kersebleptes, son of Kotys
Skostokos = Scostoces, Thracian Kings
Lilarkii(?), Thracian Kings
Eubr..(?), Thracian Kings
Seuthes III
Lysimachus = Lysimachos
Orsaltius, Thracian Kings
Cersibaulus, Thracian Kings
Kavaros, the last Gaulish king of Thrace, Thracian Kings
Mostis, Thracian Kings
Demetrius = Demetrios
Cotys II = Kotys II, 57-48 BC
Dixatelmeus, Thracian Kings
Cotys III = Kotys III (Bosporos)
Sadales, Thracian Kings
Rhoemetalkes I, 11 BC-12 AD
Koson or Coson or Cotison, Geto-Dacian King
Roman Province of Dacia
Viminacium, Moesia Superior
Moesia Inferior
Callatis = Kallatis
Dionysopolis, Moesia Inferior
Istrus = Istros
Marcianopolis = Markianpolis
Nicopolis ad Istruma = Nikopolis ad Istrum
Tomi (Tomis ?), Moesia Inferior
Olbia, Danubian District: Sarmatia
Tyra, Danubian District: Sarmatia
Cercine, Tauric Chersonesus
Chersonesus = Chersonesos
Nymphaeum (?), Tauric Chersonesus
Panticapaeum = Pantikapeion, Tauric Chersonesus
The Sindoi or Sindi, tribe of Sarmatia or Scythia
Pharzoius, King of the Scythians
Scilurus, King of the Scythians
Saumacus, King of the Scythians
Aelis or Aelos, King of the Scythians
Adraspus or Adraspos, King of the Scythians
Canites or Kanites, King of the Scythians
Sarias or Sariakos, King of the Scythians
Acrosandrus or Akrosander, king of the Getae?, King of the Scythians
Coson or Koson or Cotison, see under Dacia
Choresmia, Scythian Kingdom at Balkh
The Achaei of Phthiotis, Thessaly
The Ainianes = Aenianes, Thessaly
Atrax, Thessaly
Kierion = Cierium, Thessaly
Crannon = Krannon
Eccarra, Thessaly
Elateia, Thessaly
Eurea, Thessaly
Eurymenae, Thessaly
Gomphi or Philippopolis, Thessaly
Gonnus, Thessaly
Gyrton, Thessaly
Halus, Thessaly
Heraclea Trachinia, Thessaly
Homolion = Homolium, Thessaly
Hypata, Thessaly
Lamia, Thessaly
Larissa, Thessaly
Larissa Cremaste, Thessaly
The Magnetes, Thessaly
The Malienses, Thessaly
Meliboeia, Thessaly
Melitaia, Thessaly
Methydrium, Thessaly
Metropolis, Thessaly
Mopsion = Mopsium, Thessaly
Oeta, Thessaly
The Oetaei, Thessaly
Olea, Thessaly
Orthe, Thessaly
Peirasia, Thessaly
Pelinna, Thessaly
The Perrhaebi, Thessaly
Peumata, Thessaly
The Petthali, Thessaly
Phacium, Thessaly
Phalanna, Thessaly
Phaloria, Thessaly
Pharcadon = Pharkadon
Pharsalus = Pharsalos
Pherae = Pherai
- Alexander, tyrant of Pherae, Pherae, Thessaly
- Teisephonus, tyrant of Pherae, Pherae, Thessaly
Proerna, Thessaly
Rhizous = Rhizus, Thessaly
Scotussa, Thessaly
Thebai, Thessaly
Tricca = Trikka, Thessaly
Tripolis, Thessaly
Uncertain and various small mints, Thessaly
Thessalian Confederacy = Thessalian League
Koinon of Thessaly: Roman Times, Thessaly
Islands of Thessaly
Icus, Islands of Thessaly
Halonesus, Islands of Thessaly
Peparethus, Islands of Thessaly
Sciathus, Islands of Thessaly
Scyrus, Islands of Thessaly
Amantia, Illyricum
Apollonia, Illyricum
Byllis, Illyricum
The Daorsi, Illyricum
Dyrrhachium, Illyricum
Lissus, Illyricum
Oricus, Illyricum
Rhizon, Illyricum
Scodra, Illyricum
Islands of Illyricum
Corcyra Nigra, Islands of Illyricum
Herakleia, Islands of Illyricum
Issa, Islands of Illyricum
Pharos, Islands of Illyricum
Kings of Illyricum
- Monunius, Kings of Illyricum
- Genthius, Kings of Illyricum
Ballaeus, Kings of Illyricum
Illyroi Epirote, Illyricum
Damastium = Damastion, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
Daparria, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
Pelagia, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
Sarnoa, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
Simon, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
Nicarchus, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
The Tenestini, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
The Sarnoates, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
Darado, Illyro Epirote, Illyricum
Koinon of Epeiros
Ambracia = Ambrakia
Athamanes, Epirus
Buthrotum, Epirus
Cassope, Epirus
Dodona, Epirus
Elea, Epirus
The Molossi, Epirus
Nicopolis = Nikopolis, Epeiros
Pandosia, Epirus
Phoenice, Epirus
Kings of Epeiros
Alexander the Molossian, King of Epeiros
Pyrrhus = Pyrrhos, King of Epeiros
Alyzia, Acarnania
Anactorium = Anaktorion
Argos Amphilochicum = Argos Amphilochikon
Coronta, Acarnania
Echinus, Acarnania
Heracleia= Herakleia
Leucas = Leukas
Medeon, Acarnania
Metropolis, Akarnania
Oiniadai = Oeniadae, Acarnania
Palaerus, Acarnania
Phytia, Acarnania
Stratos, Acarnania
Thyrrheium = Thyrrheion
Akarnanian League
Lokris Opuntii = Locri Opuntii, Locris
- - - Scarpheia, Locri Opuntii (Opus), Locris
- - - Thronium, Locri Opuntii (Opus), Locris
Locri Ozolae, Locris
- - - Amphissa, Locri Ozolae, Locris
- - - Oeantheia, Locri Ozolae, Locris
Anticyra, Phocis
Delphi, Phocis
Elateia, Phocis
Ledon, Phocis
Lilaea, Phocis
Neon, Phocis
Acraephia, Boeotia
Chaeroneia, Boeotia
Coroneia, Boeotia
Haliartus = Haliartos, Boeotia
Kopai (Copae), Boeotia
Lebadeia, Boeotia
Mycalessus, Boeotia
Orchomenos or Orchomenus or Erchomenus, Boeotia
Pharae, Boeotia
Plataea, Boeotia
Tanagra and Federal Coinage, Boeotia
Thebes and Federal Coinage, Boeotia
Thespiae, Boeotia
Euboian League
Athenae Diades (?), Euboea
Karystos = Carystus, Euboea
Chalcis = Chalkis
Cyme, Euboea = Kyme, Aiolis
Eretria, Euboea
Histiaea, Euboea
Athens, Attica
Eleusis, Attica
Oropus, Attica
Salamis, Attica
Aegosthena, Megaris
Megara, Megaris
Pagae, Megaris
Corinth, Corinthia
Corinth - Pegasus Staters. Special Section
- Phliasia
- Sicyonia
Sicyon, Sicyonia = Sikyon
Aegae, Achaia
Aegeira = Aigeira, Achaia
Aegina, Achaia
Aegium = Aigion, Achaia
Argos, Achaia
Bura, Achaia
Ceryneia, Achaia
Cynaetha, Achaia
Dyme, Achaia
Helice = Helike, Achaia
Patrae = Petrai = Patras, Achaia
Pellene, Achaia
- - - Aegeira = Aigeira, Achaia, Achaean League
- Aegium = Aigion, Achaia, Achaean League
- - - Ceryneia, Achaia, Achaean League
- Dyme, Achaia, Achaean League
- Patrae = Patrai = Patras, Achaia, Achaean League
- Pellene, Achaia, Achaean League
- Sicyon, Achaean League
- Phlius, Achaean League
- Corinth, Achaean League
- Corinth, Pegasus Staters, Special Section
- Megara, Achaean League
- - - Pagae, Achaean League
- Kleonai or Cleonae, Argolis, Achaean League
- Epidaros = Epidaurus, Argolis, Achaean League
- Hermione, Argolis, Achaean League
Alea, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Alipheira, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Asea, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Callista, Arcadia, Achaean League
Kaphyae, Arcadia, Achaean League
- Cleitor, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Dipaea, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Elisphasii, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Gortys, Arcadia, Achaean League
- Heraia, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Lusi, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Lycoa, Arcadia, Achaean League
- Mantineia or Antigoneia, Arcadia, Achaean League
- Megalopolis, Arcadia, Achaean League
Methydrion = Methydrium, Pelopponesos, Achaean League
- Pallantium, Arcadia, Achaean League
- Pheneus = Pheneos, Arcadia, Achaean League
- Phigaleia, Arcadia, Achaean League
Stymphalos, Arcadia, Achaean League
- Tegea, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Teuthis, Arcadia, Achaean League
- - - Theisoa, Arcadia, Achaean League
Thelpusa, Achaean League, Arkadia
Elis, Achaean League
- Hypana, Elis, Achaean League
- Asine, Elis, Achaean League
- - - Corone, Messenia, Achaean League
- Messene, Messenia, Achaean League
- Lacedaemon (Sparta), Laconia, Achaean League
Hypana, Elis
Olympia, Elis
Pisa, Elis
Kephalenia = Cephallenia, Island off Elis
- - - Cranii, Kephallenia
- Pale, Kephallenia
- Proni, Kephallenia
- Same, Kephallenia
Ithaca, Islands off Elis
Zacynthus = Zakynthos, Islands off Elis
Messene, Messenia
Asine, Messenia
Colone, Messenia
Corone, Messenia
Kyparissia, Messenia
Messene, Messenia
Mothone, Messenia
Pylus, Messenia
Thuria, Messenia
Asopus, Laconia
Gythium, Laconia
Lacedaemon, Laconia
Kranae (Cranae), Laconia
Argos, Argolis
Cleonae, Argolis
Epidaurus, Argolis
Hermione, Argolis
Methana, Argolis
Mideia, Argolis
Tenea, Argolis
Tiryns, Argolis
Troezen, Argolis
The Arkadian or Arcadian League
Alea, Arcadia
Antigoneia, Arcadia
Caphyae, Arcadia
Cleitor, Arcadia
Heraea, Arcadia
Mantineia, Arcadia
Megalopolis, Arcadia
Methydrium, Arcadia
Orchomenus or Erchomenus, Arcadia
Pallantium = Pallantion, Arcadia
Paroreia (?), Arcadia
Parrhasia, Arcadia
Pheneos = Pheneus, Arcadia
Phigaleia or Phialia, Arcadia
Psophis, Arcadia
Stymphalos, Arcadia
Tegea, Arcadia
Thelpusa, Arcadia
Koinon of Crete, Crete
Alassa, Thalassa, or Lasaea, Crete
Allaria, Crete
Anopolis, Crete
Apollonia, Crete
Aptera, Crete
The Arcades, Crete
Arsinoe, Crete
Axos = Axus, Crete
Bianus or Biennus, Crete
Ceraea, Crete
Chersonesos = Chersonesus, Crete
Cnossus = Knossos
Cydonia = Kydonia
Eleutherna or Eleuthernae, Crete
Elyros, Crete
Gortyna or Gortys, Crete
Hierapytna, Crete
Hyrtacina, Crete
Itanus = Itanos, Crete
Lappa, Crete
Latus, Crete
Lisus, Crete
Lyttos, Crete
Malla, Crete
Moda, Crete
Matalia (?), Crete
Naxus = Naxos
Olonte, Crete
Olus, Crete
Phaestus = Phaistos
Phalasarna, Crete
Ponyrhenion = Polyrhenium, Crete
Praesus = Praisos
Priansos = Priansus, Crete
Pyranthus, Crete
Rhaukos, Crete
Rhithymna, Crete
Sybrita, Crete
Tanus, Crete
Tarra, Crete
Tylisos = Tylisus, Crete
Crete as a Roman Province
- Amorgos, The Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Aegiale, Amorgos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Arkesine, Amorgos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
- Minoa, Amorgos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Anaphe, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Andros, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Coressia, Ceos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Julis, Ceos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Karthaea, Ceos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Mykonos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Poeessa, Ceos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Cimolos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Delos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Gyaros, The Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Ios, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Kythnos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Melos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Myconos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Naxos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Paros, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Pholegandros, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Seriphos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Sicinos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Siphnos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Syros, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Tenos, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Thera, Aegaean Islands (Cyclades)
Map of Asia Minor
Agrippia Caesareia, Bosporus
Gorgippia, Bosporus
Sinde, Bosporus
Leukon II, 240-220 BC, Kingdom of Bosporus
Pharnaces II, 64-47 BC, Kingdom of Bosporus
Rhoemetalkes I, 11 BC-12 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Aspurgus, 8 BC - 38 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Queen Gepaepyris, 37-38 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Mithradates, 39-45 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Kotys, 50-55 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Sauromates I, ca 90-124 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Kotys II, 123-132 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Rhoemetalkes III, ca 132-154 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Sauromates II, 174-210 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Rheskuporis II, 210-228 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Rheskuporis III, 210-228 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Kotys III, 227-234 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Ininthimius, 235-239 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Rhescuporis IV, 266-267 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Rhescuporis V, 242-276 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Thothorses, 279-309 AD, Kingdom of Bosporos
Dioscurias = Dioskourias, Kolchis
Aristarchus, Dynast of Colchis
Koinon of Pontus, Pontus
Aimilion (Aemilium), Pontus
Amaseia = Amasia, Pontus
Amisus = Samisus = Amisos = Peiraeeus
Cabeira = Kabeira, Pontus
Cerasus, Pontus
Chabakta = Chabacta, Pontus
Komana, Pontus
Gaziura, Pontus
Laodiceia = Laodikeia
Neocaecarea = Neocaesareia, Pontus
Nicopolis ad Lycum, Pontus
Phanagoria, Pontos (or Bosporus)
Pharnaceia = Pharnakia, Pontus
Pimolisa, Pontus
Sarbanissa, Pontus
Sebasteia, Pontus
Sebastopolis-Herakleopolis, Pontus
Taulara, Pontus
Trapezus, Pontus
Zela, Pontus
Mithradates IV, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Pharnaces I, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Mithradates V, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Mithradates VI, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Pharnaces II, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Asander, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Hygiaenon, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Dynamis, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Polemo I, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Polemo II, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Pythodoris, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Tryphaena, Kings of Pontus and Bosporus, Pontus
Aces, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Paerisades, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Leucon, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Spartocus, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhescuporis I, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Mithradates III, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Gepaepyris, wife of Mithradates, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Cotys I, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhescuporis II, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Sauromates I, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Sauromates II, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Cotys II, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhoemetalces, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Eupator, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Sauromates III, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhescuporis III, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Cotys III, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Sauromates IV, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhescuporis IV, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Ininthimeus, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhescuporis V, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Sauromates V, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhescuporis VI, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhescuporis VII, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Pharsanzes, Foreign Dynasty, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Synges, Foreign Dynasty, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Teiranes, Foreign Dynasty, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Thothorses, Foreign Dynasty, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Rhadamsades, Foreign Dynasty, Kings of the Cimmerian Bosporus, Pontus
Abonoteichos, later Ionopolis, Paphlagonia
Aegialus (?), Paphlagonia
Amastris, Paphlagonia
Cromna = Kromna, Paphlagonia
Gangra, Paphlagonia
Germanicopolis, Paphlagonia
Ionopolis, formerly Abonoteichos, Paphlagonia
Neoclaudiopolis, Paphlagonia
Pimolisa, Paphlagonia
Pompeiopolis, Paphlagonia
Sebaste, Paphlagonia
Sesamos = Sesamus, Paphlagonia
Sinope, Paphlagonia
Timolaeum, Paphlagonia
Pylaimenes = Pylaemenes II or III, Kings of Paphlagonia
Deiotarus Philopater and Deiotarus Philadelphus, Kings of Paphlagonia
Koinon of Bithynia, Bithynia
Apamea = Apameia, Bithynia
Astacus, Bithynia
Bithynium (Claudiopolis), Bithynia
Caesarea Germanica, Bithynia
Kalchedon = Calchedon, Bithynia
Kios = Cius = Prusias ad Mare, Bithynia
Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia
Dia, Bithynia
Heraclea Pontica, Bithynia
Juliopolis, aka Gordium, Bithynia
Nicaea, Bithynia
Nicomedia, Bithynia
Prusa ad Olympum, Bithynia
Prusias ad Hypium, Bithynia
Prusias ad Mare (Kios, Cius), Bithynia
Tion = Tium, Bithynia
Nikomedes or Nicomedes I, King of Bithynia
Ziaelas, King of Bithynia
Prusias I, King of Bithynia
Prusias II, King of Bithynia
Nicomedes II, King of Bithynia
Nicomedes III, Kings of Bithynia
Nicomedes IV, King of Bithynia
The Abbaeti, Mysia
Adramyteion or Adramyteum, Mysia
Antandrus, Mysia
Apollonia ad Rhyndacum, Mysia
Assus, Mysia
Astrya, Mysia
Atarneos = Atarneus, Mysia
Attaea, Mysia
Cisthene, Mysia
Kyzikos = Cyzicus, Mysia
Eleutheria, Mysia
Gambrion = Gambrium, Mysia
Gargara, Mysia
Germe ad Rhyndakos, Mysia
Hadrianeia, Mysia
Hadriani ad Olympum, Mysia
Hadrianotherae = Hadrianothera, Mysia
Iolla, Mysia
Kame, Mysia
Lampsakos = Lampsacus, Mysia
Miletopolis, Mysia
Parion = Parium, Mysia
Pergamon = Pergamum, Mysia
Perperene, Mysia
Pionia, Mysia (see Troas)
Pitane, Mysia
Plakia = Placia
Poemaninum, Mysia
Priapos = Priapus, Mysia
Proconnesus = Prokonessos, Mysia
Stratoniceia ad Caicum, Mysia
Teuthrania, Mysia
Thebe, Mysia
Kingdom of Pergamum, Mysia
Philetairos = Philetaerus, Kingdom of Pergamum: ΦIΛETAΡOY
Eumenes I, Kings of Pergamum, Mysia
Attalos I = Attalus I, Kingdom of Pergamon
Eumenes II, Kings of Pergamum, Mysia
Attalos II = Attalus II, Kingdom of Pergamon
Attalos III = Attalus III, Kingdom of Pergamon
Eumenes III, Kings of Pergamum, Mysia
Abydos, Troas
Achilleion, Troas
Alexandria Troas
Antandrus = Antandros
Assos = Assus, Troas
Birytus = Birytis
Cebren = Cebrenia = Kebren
Colone, Troas
Dardanus = Dardanos
Gargara, Troas
Gentinus, Troas
Gergis or Gergithus, Troas
Hamaxtitos = Hamaxitus, Troas
Ilion = Ilium, Troas
Kolone, Troas
Lamponeia (?), Troas
Larissa, Troas
Nea (?), Troas
Neandria (same as Neandria in Aeolis?), Troas
Ophrynium, Troas
Pionia, Troas
Rhoeteium, Troas
Skamandria = Scamandria, Troas
Scepsis = Skepsis
Sigeon = Sigeum = Sigeium = Sigeion
Tenedos, Island off Troas
Thymbra, Troas
Zeleia, Troas
Aigai = Aegae, Aeolis
Autokane, Aeolis
Boione, Aeolis
Cyme = Kyme
Grynion = Grynium, Aeolis
Larissa Phrikonis = Phriconis, Aeolis
Myrina, Aeolis
Neandria (Same as Neandria in Troas?), Aeolis
Neonteichos, Aeolis
Temnos, Aeolis
Tisna, Aeolis
Koinon of Lesbos, Lesbos
Aegirus, Lesbos
Antissa, Lesbos
Cithus (?), Lesbos
Eresos = Eresus, Lesbos
Methymna, Lesbos
Mytilene, Lesbos
Nape, Lesbos
Pyrrha, Lesbos
Nesos, Hecatonnesi, Islands near Lesbos
Pordosilene, later Poroselene, Hecatonnesi, Islands near Lesbos
Clazomenae = Klazomenai
Colophon = Kolophon
Ephesus = Ephesos
Erythrae, Ionia
Heraclea ad Latmum, or Herakleia ad Latmon, Ionia
Larissa, Ionia
Lebedus = Lebedos
Magnesia ad Maeandrum, Ionia
Metropolis, Ionia
Miletus = Miletos
Myus (or in Cilicia?), Ionia
Naulochos, Ionia
Neapolis-Aurelia, Ionia = Neapolis ad Harpasum, Caria
Pedasa = Pidasa
Phocaea = Phokaia
Phygela or Pygela, Ionia
Priene, Ionia
Smyrna, Ionia
Teos, Ionia
Satrapal Coinage Of Ionia
Ionia, uncertain mints
Chios, Island of Ionia
Ikaria = Icaria = Ikaros, Island of Ionia
- Oinoe = Oenoe, Ikaria, Islands of Ionia
Samos, Islands of Ionia
Aba (?), Caria
Alabanda, Caria
Alinda, Caria
Amyzon, Caria
Antioch ad Meandrum = Antiocheia ad Maeandrum, Caria
Aphrodisias, Caria
Apollonia Salbace, Caria
Astyra, Caria
Attuda, Caria
Bargasa, Caria
Bargylia, Caria
Callipolis, Caria
Caryanda, Caria
Caunus = Kaunos
Keramos = Ceramus, Caria
Chacetor, Caria
Chalkeia (Chalcea ?), Caria
Chersonesus, Caria
Cidramus, Caria
Euippe, Caria
Eupolemus, General, Caria
Euralium, Caria
Euromus, Caria
Halicarnassus = Halikarnassos, Caria
Harpagion, Caria
Heraclea Salbace, Caria
Hydisos = Hydisus, Caria
Hydrela, Caria - see under Phrygia
Hyllarima, Caria
Iasos = Iasus, Caria
Idyma, Caria
Karyanda, Caria
Kindya, Caria
Knidos = Cnidus
Kos = Cos = Cys, Caria
Kranaos = Cranaos, Caria
Kyum = Cyum, Caria
Latmos, Caria
Lepsimandus, Caria
Loryma, Caria
Mylasa, Caria
Myndus = Myndos
Neapolis ad Harpasum, Caria
Orthosia, Caria
Paleaopolis, Caria
Plarasa and Aphrodisias, Caria
Sebastopolis, Caria
Stratonikeia, Caria
Syangela, Caria
Taba or Tabae, Caria
Telmessus (?), Caria
Telos, Caria
Termera, Caria
Trapezopolis, Caria
Tymnessus, Caria
Tissaphernes, Satrap of Lydia and Caria 413-395 BC
Hecatomnus = Hekatomnos
Mausolus = Maussollos
Hidrieus, Satraps of Caria
Pixodarus = Pixodaros
Othontopates, Satraps of Caria
Astypalaea, Islands off Caria
Kalymna = Calymna
Carpathos, Islands off Caria
Posidium, Carpathos, Islands off Caria
Cos = Kos
Nicias, Tyrant of Cos, Cos, Islands off Caria
Megiste, Island off Caria
Nisyros, Islands off Caria
Rhodes, Islands off Caria
Lindos = Lindus, Rhodes, Islands off Caria
Camirus = Kamiros, Rhodes, Islands off Caria
Ialysus, Rhodes, Islands off Caria
Rhodus, Rhodes, Islands off Caria
Rhodian Peraia, Caria
Syme (?), Islands off Caria
Telos, Islands off Caria
Acharaca, Lydia. Does not exist. The Millingen coin
attributed to here in Head, Hist. Num. 547 is
from Kyme or Hierocharax.
Acrasus, Lydia
Aninetos, Lydia
Apollonis, Lydia
Apollonieron, Lydia
Apollonos Hieron, Apollonoshieron, Lydia
Attaleia = Attalea, Lydia
Aureliopolis, Lydia = Tmolus Aureliopolis
Bagis, Lydia
Blaundos (Blaundus), Lydia
Briula, Lydia
Caystriani, Lydia
Cilbiani (Kilbiani) Inf. & Sup.
Clannudda, Lydia
Daldis-Flaviopolis, Lydia
Dioshieron, Lydia
Germe ad Caicum, Lydia: See Germe, Mysia.
Gordus Julia, Lydia
Heracleia ad Sipylum, Lydia (No evidence of coinage)
Hermocapelia, Lydia
Hierocaesareia, Lydia
Hypaepa, Lydia
Hyrkanis, Lydia
Kame, Lydia. See Kame, Mysia
Klannudda, Lydia
Maeonia, Lydia
Magnesia ad Sipylum, Lydia
Mastaura, Lydia
Mostene, Lydia
Mysomacedones, Lydia
Nacrasa, Lydia
Nikaia, Nicaea, Neikaea, Kilbiani, Lydia
Nysa, Lydia
Philadelphia, Lydia
Saitta, Lydia
Sala, Lydia
Sardes = Sardeis
Silandus (Silandos), Lydia
Stratonikeia-Hadrianopolis, Lydia
Tabala, Lydia
Thyateira (Thyatira), Lydia
Thyessus, Lydia
Titacazus, Lydia
Tmolus Aureliopolis, Lydia
Tomaris, Lydia
Tralles (Tralleis)
Tripolis, Lydia
Uncertain Kings/Satraps of Lydia, before 561 BC
Alyttes, King of Lydia, ca 610-561 BC
Kroisos = Croesus, King of Lydia ca 561-546 BC
Cambyses, King of Lydia ca 546-525 BC
Lydia under Darius I of Persia, ca 520-490 BC
Lydia under later Persian satraps, ca 430-330 BC
Gamerses, Dynast of Lydia, 400-375 BC BC
Autophradates, Satrap of Lydia, 380-355 BC
Spithridates, ca 334 BC
Abbaitis, Phrygia
Abbaetis / The Abbaeti or Abbaetae Mysi, Phrygia
Accilaeum, Phrygia
Acmoneia = Akmoneia, Phrygia
Aezani = Aezanis = Aizanis
Alia, Phrygia
Amorion = Amorium, Phrygia
Ancyra = Ankyra
Apameia, Phrygia
Appia, Phrygia
Attuda, Phrygia
Beudos vetus, Phrygia
Bria, Phrygia
Bruzos, Phrygia
Cadi, Phrygia
Ceretapa (Ceretapa Diocaesarea), Phrygia
Cibyra = Kibyra
Cidyessus, Phrygia
Colossae, Phrygia
Cotiaeum (= Kottiaeum ?)
Dioclea, Phrygia
Dionysopolis, Phrygia
Dokimion = Dokimeion = Docimeium = Docimium = Docimeum
Dorylaeum, Phrygia
Epictetus, Phrygia
Eriza, Phrygia
Eucarpeia, Phrygia
Eumeneia = Eumenia, Phrygia
Fulvia, Phrygia
Gordium, Phrygia
Grimenothyrae, Phrygia
Hadrianopolis Sebaste, Phrygia
Hierapolis, Phrygia
Hierocharax, Phrygia
Hydrela, Phrygia
Hyrgaleis, Phrygia
Julia, Phrygia
Laodiceia = Laodikeia ad Lycum
Lysias, Phrygia
Metropolis, Phrygia
Midaeum, Phrygia
Nacoleia, Phrygia
Okokleia, Phrygia
Otrus, Phrygia
Palaeobeudos, Phrygia
Peltae, Phrygia
Philomelion = Philomelium, Phrygia
Prymnessos, Phrygia
Sala, Phrygia = Sala, Lydia
Sanaos, Phrygia
Sebaste, Phrygia
Sibidunda (possibly in Pisidia), Phrygia
Siblia, Phrygia
Siocharax, Phrygia
Stectorium = Stektorion, Phrygia
Synnaus, Phrygia
Synnada, Phrygia
Temenothyrae Flaviopolis, Phrygia
Themisonium, Phrygia
Tiberiopolis, Phrygia
Trajanopolis, Phrygia
Acalissus, Lycia
Antiphellus, Lycia
Aperlae, Lycia
Apollonia, Lycia
Araxa (?), Lycia
Arneae, Lycia
Arycanda, Lycia
Balbura, Lycia
Bubon, Lycia
Cadyanda, Lycia
Calynda, Lycia
Candyba, Lycia
Choma, Lycia
Corydalla, Lycia
Cragus = Kragos, Lycia
Kyaneai = Cyana, Lycia
Cydna (?), Lycia
Gagae, Lycia
Limyra, Lycia
Masicytes = Masticytus = Masikytes, Lycia
Myra, Lycia
Oinoanda, Lycia
Olympus, Lycia
Patara, Lycia
Phaselis, Lycia
Phellus, Lycia
Pinara, Lycia
Podalia, Lycia
Rhodiapolis, Lycia
Telmessus, Lycia
Termessus Minor = Termessos, Lycia
Tlos, Lycia
Trabala, Lycia
Trebenna, Lycia
Tymena, Lycia
Xanthus, Lycia
Uncertain Dynasts of Lycia. 480-440 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Thiban. mid 5th Century BC
Dynasts of Lycia, Thap. mid 5th Century BC
Dynasts of Lycia, Uvug. late 5th Century BC
Dynasts of Lycia. Tenegure.
Dynasts of Lycia, Kuprilli or Kuprlli. 470-440 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Teththiveibi, 450-420 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Sppntaza. Late 5th Century BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Kherei. Late 5th century BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Vekhssere II & Urvei. Ca 420-400 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Ddenevele. Ca 420-400 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Zagaba. Early 4th century BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Vedrei. ca 390-360 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Puresis. ca 380 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Trbbenimi. ca 380-370 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Mithrapata. 380-375 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Perikle. 380-362 BC.
Dynasts of Lycia, Vedevie. ca 370 BC
Aspendus = Aspendos
Attaleia = Attalea = Attalia, Pamphylia
Cretopolis (?), Pamphylia
Etenna, Pamphylia
Magydus, Pamphylia
Olbia (?), Pamphylia
Perga, Pamphylia
Ptolemais (?), Pamphylia
Side, Pamphylia
Sillyum, Pamphylia
Adada, Pisidia
Amblada, Pisidia
Andeda, Pisidia
Antioch or Antiocheia, Pisidia
Apollonia Mordiaeum, Pisidia
Ariassus, Pisidia
Baris, Pisidia
Claudio-Seleucia (Klaudioseleukeia), Pisidia
Codrula, Pisidia
Colbasa, Pisidia
Keraitai, Pisidia
Komana, Pisidia
Konana, Pisidia
Kremna = Cremna, Pisidia
Etenna, Pisidia
Isinda, Pisidia
Lysinia, Pisidia
Malus, Pisidia
Olbasa, Pisidia
Palaeopolis, Pisidia
Panemoteichos, Pisidia
Pappa Tiberias, Pisidia
Parlais, Pisidia
Pednelissus, Pisidia
Pogla, Pisidia
Prostanna, Pisidia
Sagalassus, Pisidia
Seleucia, Pisidia
Selge, Pisidia
Sibidunda (possibly in Phrygia), Pisidia
Termessus Major - Termessos, Pisidia
Tiberopolis, Pisidia
Timbriada, Pisidia,
Tityassos = Tityassus, Pisidia
Verbe, Pisidia
Barata, Lycaonia
Dalisandus, Lycaonia
Derbe, Lycaonia
Hyde, Lycaonia
Iconium, Lycaonia
Laodikeia Combusta, Lycaonia
Laranda, Lycaonia
Lystra, Lycaonia
Parlais (listed under Pisidia)
Savatra, Lycaonia
Adana, Cilicia
Aegeae = Aigeai, Cilicia
Alexandria ad Issum, Cilicia
Anazarbus, Cilicia
Anchiale (?), Cilicia
Anemurium, Cilicia
Antiocheia ad Cragum, Cilicia
Antiocheia ad Cydnum, Cilicia
Antiocheia ad Sarum, Cilicia
Aphrodisias, Cilicia
Argos, Cilicia
Augusta, Cilicia
Carallia, Cilicia
Casae = Casa, Cilicia
Celenderis = Kelenderis
Cestrus, Cilicia
Cibyra Minor = Kibrya
Claudiopolis, Cilicia
Colybrassus, Cilicia
Coracesium, Cilicia
Coropissus, Cilicia
Corycus = Korykos
Diocaesarea = Diocaesareia, Cilicia
Elaiussa-Sebaste, Cilicia
Epiphania = Epiphaneia, Cilicia
Flaviopolis, Cilicia
Germanicopolis, Cilicia
Hieropolis Kastabala
Holmi = Holmoi
Iotape, Cilicia
Irenopolis, Cilicia
Isaura, Cilicia
Isaura Nova, Cilicia
Issus = Issos
Lacanatus, Cilicia
Laertes = Laerte, Cilicia
Lalassis, Cilicia
Lamus, Cilicia
Lyrbe, Cilicia
Mallus = Mallos
Megarsus, Cilicia
Mopsus, Cilicia
Myriandrus, Cilicia Pedias
Myus (possibly in Ionia), Cilicia
Nagidus = Nagidos
Ninica Claudiopolis, Cilicia
Olba, Cilicia
- Polemon I, Olba, Cilicia
- Ajax, Olba, Cilicia
- Polemon II, Olba, Cilicia
- Imperial, Olba, Cilicia
Philadelphia, Cilicia
Rhosus, Cilicia (now placed in Syria)
Sebaste (Elaiussa), Cilicia
Seleucis = Seleuceia = Seleuceia ad Calycadnum =
Seleukeia ad Kalykadnum, Cilicia
Seleukeia ad Issos, Northern Cilicia
Selinus Trajanopolis, Cilicia
Soli = Soloi = Pompeiopolis
Syedra, Cilicia
Tarsus, Cilicia
Titiopolis, Cilicia
Zephyrium Adriana (Zephyrium-Hadrianopolis, Cilicia
Uncertain of Cilicia
Baana or Banaias (?),
Tiribazos = Tiribazus, Satrap of Cilicia
Orontas, Tarsus
Pharnabazus = Pharnabazos
Tarcamus (?), Tarsus, Cilicia
Anonymous, Tarsus, Cilicia
Mazaeus = Mazaios
Syrian mintage and Phoenician standard
- Imitations of Athenian tetradrachms, Tarsus, Cilicia
- Elaeusa Sebaste, Island adjacent to Cilicia
- Tarkondimotos = Tarcondimotus I, Kings of Cilicia
- Philopater, Kings of Cilicia
Koinon of Cyprus, Cyprus
Amathus, Cyprus
Kition = Citium, Cyprus
Curium, Cyprus
Idalium, Cyprus
Lapethos, Cyprus
Marion = Marium, Cyprus
Neopaphos, Cyprus
Paphos, Cyprus
Salamis, Cyprus
Soli (?), Cyprus
Cyprus under the Romans
Koinon coins: See the appropriate emperor's page
Ankyra = Ancyra, Galatia
Eubrogis (?), Galatia
Germa, Galatia
Pessinos = Pessinus, Galatia
Tavion, Galatia
Amyntas, Kings of Galatia
Brogitarus, Kings of Galatia, Galatia
Deiotaros, King of Galatia
Caesarea, Cappadocia
Cybistra/Kybistra, Cappadocia
Eusebeia / Eusebeia, later named Caesarea, Cappadocia qv
Tyana, Cappadocia
Datames, Kings of Cappadocia
Ariaramnes or Ariamnes I, 280-230 BC
Ariarathes I 330-322 BC
Ariarathes II 301-280 BC
Nysa, widow of Ariarathes II and son Ariarathes IV,
Ariarathes III 250-220 BC
Ariarathes IV, Eusebes, 220-163 BC
Ariarathes V, Eusebes Philopator, 163-130 BC
Orophernes, 158-157 BC
Ariarathes VI, Epiphanes Philopator, 130-116 BC
Ariarathes VII, Philometor, 116-101 BC
Ariarathes VIII, Epiphanes, 101-100 BC
Ariarathes IX, Eusebes Philopator, 101-87 BC
Ariobarzanes I, Philoromaios, 95-63 BC
Ariobarzanes II, Philopator, 63-52 BC
Ariobarzanes III, Eusebes Philoromaios, 52-42 BC
Ariarthes X, Eusebes Philadelphos, 42-36 BC
Archelaus, Philopatris Ktistes, 36 BC - 17 AD
Seleucus I = Seleukos Nikator, Kings of Syria
Antiochus I = Antiochos Soter, Kings of Syria
Antiochus II = Antiochos Theos, Kings of Syria
Seleucus II = Seleukos Kallinikos, Kings of Syria
Seleucus III = Seleukos Keraunos, Kings of Syria
Antiochus, son of Seleucus IV, Kings of Syria
Antiochus III, the Great, Kings of Syria
Molon, rebel satrap, Kings of Syria
Achaeus, rebel satrap, Kings of Syria
Seleucus IV, Kings of Syria
Antiochus IV, Kings of Syria
Antiochus V, Kings of Syria
Demetrius I, Kings of Syria
Demetrius and Laodice, Kings of Syria
Timarchus, rebel satrap, Kings of Syria
Alexander I, Kings of Syria
Alexander I and Cleopatra, Kings of Syria
Demetrius II, Kings of Syria
Antiochus VI, Kings of Syria
Tryphon, Kings of Syria
Antiochus VII, Kings of Syria
Demetrius II, Kings of Syria
Alexander II, Kings of Syria
Cleopatra and Antiochus VIII, Kings of Syria
Antiochus VIII, Kings of Syria
Antiochus IX, Kings of Syria
Seleucus VI, Kings of Syria
Antiochus X Eusebes, Kings of Syria
Antiochus XI Epiphanes Philadelphos, Kings of Syria
Antiochus XI, with his brother Philip, Kings of Syria
Philip Philadelphos, Kings of Syria
Demetrius III Philopator, Kings of Syria
Antiochus XII Dionysos, Kings of Syria
Tigranes II of Armenia, Kings of Syria
Antiochus XIII Asiatikos, Kings of Syria
Antiocheia ad Euphratem, Commagene
Antiocheia ad Taurum, Commagene
Doliche, Commagene
Caesarea Germanica, Commagene
Samosata, Commagene
Zeugma, Commagene
Mithradates I, Regal Coinage, Commagene
Antiochus I, Regal Coinage, Commagene
Antiochus IV, Regal Coinage, Commagene
Epiphanes & Callinicus, sons of Antiochos IV
Iotape, wife of Antiochus IV, Regal Coinage, Commagene
Epiphanes and Callinicus, Regal Coinage, Commagene
Beroea, Cyrrhestica
Cyrrhus, Cyrrhestica
Hieropolis, Cyrrhestica
Chalkis = Chalcis ad Belum, Chalkidice
Palmyra, Palmyrene
Antioch = Antiocheia ad Orontem, Seleucis & Pieria
Apameia, Seleucis & Pieria
Arethusa, Seleucis & Pieria
Balanea - Leucas Claudia (see Leukas), Seleucis & Pieria
Emesa = Emisa, Seleucis & Pieria
Epiphaneia, Seleucis & Pieria
Gabala, Seleucis & Pieria
Laodiceia ad Mare, Seleucis & Pieria
Larissa, on the Orontes, Seleucis & Pieria
Nicopolis Seleucidis, Seleucis & Pieria
Paltos = Paltus, Seleucis & Pieria
Raphanea, Seleucis & Pieria
Rhosus, Seleucis & Pieria
Seleukeia (Seleukeia ad Mare), Seleucis & Pieria
Capitolias, Coele Syria
Chalkis = Chalcis sub Libano, Coele Syria
Damascus, Coele Syria
Demetrias Sacra(Damascus), Coele Syria
Heliopolis, Coele Syria
Laodiceia = Laodikeia ad Libanum, Coele Syria
Leukas = Leucas, on the Chrysoroas = Leucas Claudia, Coele Syria
Simyra, Coele Syria
Zenodorus, Trachonitis
Caesareia or Caesarea Panias, Trachonitis
Gaba, Trachonitis (under Palestine)
Abila, Decapolis
Antiochia ad Hippum, Decapolis
Canata, Decapolis
Canatha, Decapolis
Dium, Decapolis
Gadara, Decapolis
Gerash = Gerasa, Decapolis
Hippos = Hippus, Decapolis
Pella, Decapolis
Philadelphia, Decapolis
Ptolemy, son of Mennaeus, Chalcis sub Libano, Coele Syria
Archelaus (?), Chalcis sub Libano, Coele Syria
Lysanias I, Chalcis sub Libano, Coele Syria
Abydos = Abydus (listed under Troas)
Aradus = Arados
Berytus = Berytos
Botrys = Botris, Phoenicia
Byblus = Byblos
Caesareia or Caesarea ad Libanum, Phoenicia
Carne, Phoenicia
Demetrias ad Mare, Phoenicia
Marathus = Marathos
Orthosia, Phoenicia
Ptolemais Ace = Akko Ptolemais
= Ptolemais Ake
Sidon, Phoenicia
Tripolis, Phoenicia
Tyre, Phoenicia
Uzzimilk of Tyre, Phoenicia, 347-332 BC
Eleutheropolis, Palestine
Gaba, Galilaea, Palestine
Gaza, Palestine
Raphia, Palestine
Sepphoris = Diocaesaria, Palestine
Tiberias, Palestine
Antipatris, Samaria, Palestine
Caesarea Maritima = Caesareia, Samaria, Palestine
Diospolis = Lydda, Samaria, Palestine
Joppa, Samaria, Palestine
Neapolis (Neopolis ?), Samaria, Palestine
Nysa Scythopolis, Samaria, Palestine
Sebaste, Samaria, Palestine
Aelia Capitolina = Jerusalem, Judaea
Anthedon (Agrippias), Palestine
Ascalon = Askalon
Nicopolis Emmaus, Palestine
Simon Maccabaeus, Hasmonaean Dynasty
John Hyrcanus I, Hasmonaean Dynasty
Judas or Judah Aristobulos, Hasmonaean Dynasty
Alexander Jannaeus, Hasmonaean Dynasty
Alexandra, widow of Alexander Jannaeus
John Hyrcanus II, Hasmonaean Dynasty
Alexander II (?), Hasmonaean Dynasty
Antigonus Mattathias, Hasmonaean Dynasty
Herod I
Herod Philip II
Herod Antipas
Herod Archelaus
Herod Agrippa I
Agrippa I and II, Herodian Dynasty
Agrippa II, Herodian Dynasty
Berenice, sister of Agrippa II, wife of Aristobulus
Herod, brother of Agrippa I, king of Chalcis
Aristobulus, son of Herod of Chalcis
Aristobulus and Salome
Coponius, Procurator of Judaea, 6-9 AD
Marcus Ambibulus, Procurator of Judaea, 9-12 AD
Valerius Gratus, Procurator of Judaea 15-26 AD
Pontius Pilate, Procurator of Judaea, 26-36 AD
Antonius Felix, Procurator of Judaea, 52-59 AD
Porcius Festus, Procurator of Judaea, 59-62 AD
First Revolt, Coins of the Jews
Judaea Capta, Coins of the Jews
Second Revolt, Coins of the Jews
Anthemusia, Mesopotamia
Carrhae, Mesopotamia
Edessa, Mesopotamia
Hatra, Mesopotamia
Nicephorium, Mesopotamia
Nisibis, Mesopotamia
Rhesaena, Mesopotamia
Seleukeia ad Tigram, Mesopotamia
Singara, Mesopotamia
Zautha or Zaitha, Mesopotamia
Bostra, Arabia Petraea
Adraa, Arabia Petraea
Charach Moba, Arabia Petraea
Eboda, Arabia Petraea
Esbus, Arabia Petraea
Medaba, Arabia Petraea
Moca, Arabia Petraea
Petra, Arabia Petraea
Philippopolis, Arabia Petraea
Aretas II, III and IV, Kings of Nabataea, Arabia
Malichus II with Shaqilat II, Kings of Nabataea, Arabia
Obodas III, Kings of Nabataea, Arabia
Rabbel with Gamilath, Kings of Nabataea, Arabia
Himyarites, Arabia
There are very few Persian coins on wildwinds.
A few are here.
For more detailed lists, please visit Snible Org (Historia Numorum).
Babylonia (Baal seated/lion types only)
There are no Persian coins on wildwinds.
The links in this Parthian section (in chronological
order) will take you to the appropriate page on
Arsaces I
Arsaces II
Phraates I
Mithradates I
Phraates II
Artabanus I
Mithradates II
Gotarzes I
Orodes I
Unknown King (ca. 80 BC)
Phraates III
Mithradates III
Orodes II
Pacorus I
Phraates IV
Tiridates I
Orodes III
Vonones I
Artabanus II
Vardanes I
Gotarzes II
Vonones II
Vologases I
Vardanes II
Vologases II
Pacorus II
Artabanus III
Vologases III
Osroes I
Mithradates IV
Unknown king (ca 140 AD)
Volagases IV
Osroes II
Vologases V
Vologases VI
Artabanus IV
Anisades, Kings of Western Armenia, Sophene (?)
Ariaus, Kings of Western Armenia, Sophene (?)
Morphilig, Kings of Western Armenia, Sophene (?)
Arsaces I
Tigranes I
Artavazdes I
Tigranes II
Tigranes III, and his sister Erato
Tigranes IV
Artavazdes II (time of Augustus)
Maga, Characene
Attambelos I, Characene
Attambelos II, Characene
Attambelos III, Characene
Adinerglos, Characene
Kamnaskires III, with Anzaze, Elymais
Kamnaskires IV, Elymais
Kamnaskires V, Elymais
Kamnaskires VI, Elymais
Orodes I, Elymais
Orodes II, Elymais
Phraates, Elymais
Orodes IV, Elymais
uncertain king, Elymais
KINGS OF BAKTRIA: (in alphabetical order, for ease of use)
Agathokleia, regent of Strato I
Antialcidas = Antialkidas
Antimachus I = Antimachos I
Antimachus II = Antimachos II Nikephoros
Apollodotos I Soter
Apollodotos II Philopator
Archebius = Archebios
Demetrius I = Demetrios I
Demetrius II = Demetrios II
Diodotos I
Diodotos II
Eucratides I = Eukratides I
Eucratides II = Eukratides II
Euthydemus I = Euthedemos I
Euthydemus II = Euthedemos II
Heliocles I = Heliokles I
Heliocles II = Heliokles II
Hermaios = Hermaeos
Strato I
Strato II
Zoilos I Dikaios
Maues, 85-80 BC
Vonones, 75-65 BC
Spalirises, 65-40 BC.
Spalagdames, associated with Spalirises
Azes I and II, 57-12 BC
Azilises, 57-35 BC
Zeionises, ca 10 BC - 10 AD
Gondophares, Indo Parthians
Pakores, Indo Parthians
Soter Megas, Indo Parthians
Sogdiana, Sogdiana
Hyrcodes, Sogdiana
Kadphises I (Kujula), Kushans
Kadphises II (Vima Kadphises), Kushans
Kanishka, Kushans
Huvishka, Kushans
Vasu Deva I and II, Kushans
Ptolemy I Soter, Egypt
Ptolemy II Philadelphos, Egypt
Arsinoe II, Wife of Ptolemy II
Ptolemy III Euergetes, Egypt
Berenike II, Sister of Ptolemy III
Ptolemy IV Philopator, Egypt
Ptolemy V Epiphanes, Egypt
Ptolemy VI Philometer, Egypt
Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator, Egypt
Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II (Physkon), Egypt
Ptolemy IX Soter, Egypt
Ptolemy X Alexander, Egypt
Ptolemy XI, Egypt
Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos, Egypt
Ptolemy, King of Cyprus, Egypt
Cleopatra VII, wife of Mark Antony, Egypt
Alexandrian District, Nomes of Egypt
Antaeopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Aphroditopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Apollonopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Arabia, Nomes of Egypt
Arsinoite, Nomes of Egypt
Athribite, Nomes of Egypt
Bubastite, Nomes of Egypt
Busirite, Nomes of Egypt
Cabasite, Nomes of Egypt
Coptite, Nomes of Egypt
Cynopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Diospolis Magna, Nomes of Egypt
Diospolis Parva, Nomes of Egypt
Gynaecopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Hammoniachite, Nomes of Egypt
Heliopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Heptanomis, Nomes of Egypt
Herakleopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Hermonthite, Nomes of Egypt
Hermopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Hypselite, Nomes of Egypt
Latopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Leontopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Letopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Libya, Nomes of Egypt
Lycopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Mareote, Nomes of Egypt
Memphite, Nomes of Egypt
Mendesian, Nomes of Egypt
Menelaite, Nomes of Egypt
Metelite, Nomes of Egypt
Naukratis, Nomes of Egypt
Nesyt, Nomes of Egypt
Oasite (?), Nomes of Egypt
Ombite, Nomes of Egypt
Onuphite, Nomes of Egypt
Oxyrynchite, Nomes of Egypt
Panopolite, Nomes of Egypt
Pelusium, Nomes of Egypt
Pharbetite, Nomes of Egypt
Phtemphuthite, Nomes of Egypt
Phthenote, Nomes of Egypt
Prosopite, Nomes of Egypt
Saite, Nomes of Egypt
Sebennyte, Lower, Nomes of Egypt
Sebennyte, Upper, Nomes of Egypt
Sethroite, Nomes of Egypt
Tanite, Nomes of Egypt
Tentyrite, Nomes of Egypt
Thinite, Nomes of Egypt
Xoite, Nomes of Egypt
Endubis or Endybis, ca 270-300 AD
Afilas or Aphilas
Ousanas, ca 320 AD
Ezana or Ezanas, ca 330-356 AD
Wazeba II
Medys or Mehadeyis, ca 360 AD
Ouazebas, late 4th century
Eon, ca 400 AD
Anonymous, ca 450 AD
Ebana, ca 450-500 AD
Nezool and/or Nezana (co-rulers?), 450-500 AD
Ousas or Ousanas, ca 500 AD
Kaleb, ca 520 AD
Alla Amidas, ca 540 AD, (co-ruler with Kaleb?)
Agd.., ca 525-550 AD.
Wazena, mid 6th century
W`ZB or Ella Gabaz, mid 6th century
Ioel, mid 6th century
Hataz, ca 575 AD
Saifu, ca 575 AD
Israel, ca 590 AD
Gersem, ca 600 AD
Armah, ca 614 AD
Barce, Cyrenaica
Euhesperides, Cyrenaica
Cyrenaica under the Romans, Cyrenaica
Crassus, Cyrenaica under the romans, Cyrenaica
Scato, Cyrenaica under the romans, Cyrenaica
Palikanus, Cyrenaica under the romans, Cyrenaica
Koinon Issues, Cyrene, Cyrenaica
Magas, Governor, Cyrene, Cyrenaica
Regal Issues, Magas in revolt, Cyrene, Cyrenaica
Ptolemy IV, Cyrene, Cyrenaica
Ptolemy V, Cyrene, Cyrenaica
Ptolemy VII, - Ptolemy Apion, Cyrene, Cyrenaica
Gergis, Syrtica
Leptis Magna, Syrtica
Macaraea and Bilan, Syrtica
Oea, Syrtica
Sabrata = Sabratha, Syrtica
Achulla, Byzacene
Alipota, Byzacene
Hadrumetum, Byzacene (Susa under the Phoenicians)
Leptis Minor, Byzacene
Thaena, Byzacene
Thapsus, Byzacene
Thysdrus, Byzacene
>Carthage, Zeugitana
Clypea, or Colonia Iulia Pia Paterna, Zeugitana
Hippo Diarrhytus, Zeugitana
Utica, Zeugitana
Micipsa and his brothers
Hiempsal II
Juba I
Bulla Regia
Hippo Regia = Hippo Regius and Tipasa
Tabraca and Tuniza
Tucca (?)
Juba II
Juba II and Cleopatra Selene
Juba II and his son Ptolemy
Ptolemy of Mauretania, son of Juba II and Cleopatra Selene
Caesareia, formerly Iol
Tamusida or Tamususia

Many thanks to Prof. Ken Steglitz of Princeton University for the original list.