Ancient Coinage of Pontos, Chabakta

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SNGBMC 1259Pontus, Chabakta. ca 100-85 BC. AE24mm. Head of Perseus right, in Phrygian helmet / CABAKTΩN beneath Pegasos standing left, drinking; monogram in ex. TextImage
SNGCop 205Pontos, Chabakta. Circa 85-65 BC. AE21mm. Head of Ares right in crested helmet / CABAKTΩN, Sword in sheath. TextImage
SNG Cop 207Pontos, Chabakta, AE20. Gorgon's head in centre of aegis / CABAKTΩN, Nike advancing right holding wreath and palm, star in crescent in upper right field. RecGen 4, SNG Copenhagen 207, BMC 1255.TextImage