Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Selymbria

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Moushmov 4747Selymbria, Thrace, AR octobol. 15 mm, 5 g. ca 492-470 BC. ΣA above rooster standing left. / Quadripartite incuse divided by two lines into four squares. BMC 1; Schönert-Geiss 16-18; Paris 1364; Babelon II-1, 1791.TextImage
Peus 407, 333Selymbria, Thrace, AR Diobol. 1.1 g. ca 490-470 BC. Rooster standing right, Θ above. / Quadripartite incuse divided by two lines into four squares. Apparently unpublished with Θ above. Peus 407, 333.TextImage
SNG Cop 790Selymbria (or Dicaea), Thrace. AR Trihemiobol. 12 mm. 492-475 BC, 0.88g. Rooster standing right. / Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress, within incuse square. Schönert-Geiss 57 (Dicaea); SNG Cop 790 (Selymbria); Rhousopoulos 620 corr. ("head left") (Selymbria).TextImage
SNG Tubingen_910Selymbria, Thrace AR Hemidrachm. Ca 425-410 BC. Rooster standing left with worm in its beak / Σ-E Λ-Y, grain ear. TextImage
Traite 1530Selymbria, Thrace, AR octobol. 15 mm, 4.39 g. ca 425-411 BC. Rooster standing left. / ΣA-ΛY to left and right of corn-ear. Traité II-1, 1530; Schönert-Geiss 62; Weber 2601; Paris 1368.TextImage
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