Ancient Coinage of Caria, Mylasa

[Lindgren A635A]

Mylasa, ancient capital of Caria; modern Milas in Turkey.

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Akarca 1Caria, Mylasa. Circa 2nd Century BC. AR Rhodian Drachm (2.51 gm). Radiate head of Helios; eagle on cheek / Rose with single bud. TextImage
BMC 9Mylasa, Caria. AE15, 3.72 gr. 210-30 BC. Horse standing right, front foreleg raised; round countermark / MYLASEWN, ornamented trident. McClean 8503; SNG Cop 423; Sear 4912; BMC 9-10; Weber 6529; Waddington 2450.TextImage
BMC 11Mylasa, Caria. 210-30 BC, AE13 mm, 1.21 gr. Horse standing right, foreleg raised / M-Y, Ornamented trident. Akarca 34; Mionnet VI, 352; Weber 6528; SNG von Aulock 2619; SNG Cop 422; BMC 11; Waddington 2452; Sear 4911.TextImage
Lindgren A653ACaria, Mylasa AE15. ca 314 BC. Horse trotting right / MYLAS-EWN, ornamented trident. TextImage
SNG Keckman 925Mylasa, Caria, 525-494 BC. AR Tetartemorion 6 mm, 0.20 gr. Forepart of lion right, head left / Bird standing left, three dots to left and right (six dots in all), all within incuse square. SNG Keckman 925.TextImage
SNG Turkey 940cfCaria, Mylasa AR 1/48 Stater of Milesian Standard (0.26g). 5th Century BC. Lion head left / bird standing left between two pellets, all within incuse square. TextImage
SNG vA 1820Mylasa, Caria. 420-390 BC. AR Tetartemorion 6 mm, 0.23 gr. Head of roaring lion lion / Head of Apollo facing slightly left. SNG von Aulock 1820; SNG Keckman 847; Troxell Mildenberg 2A.TextImage
SNG vA 7803Mylasa, Caria, AR Hemiobol; ca 450-400 BC. 0.58gr. Facing forepart of lion with legs left and right / Scorpion in incuse square. SNG Kayhan 934; SNG Keckman 917; SNG Cop 379 (Uncertain of Asia Minor); SNG von Aulock 7803.TextImage
SNG vA 8049Mylasa, Caria. Strategos Eupolemos, 295-280 BC. AE 17mm, 4,76gr. Three overlapping Macedonian shields, the outer two with spearheads in the centre / EUPO-LEMOU above and beneath sword in sheath; bipennis (double axe) below. SNG Keckmann 221-224; BMC 1-3; SNG von Aulock 8049; Lindgren III A435A.TextImage
Traite 750cfCaria, Mylasa? ca 530 BC. AR Sixth Stater. Lion forepart right / Incuse punch. TextImage
Weidauer 166Caria, Uncertain (Mylasa?). Mid 6th century BC. EL 1/48 Stater. Lydo-Milesian standard. Facing head of lion / Scorpion within incuse square. Weidauer 166-167; SNG Kayhan 925-927. TextImage
Sear 3575 Caria, Mylasa AR Stater. ca 500 BC. Forepart of bounding lion left / Incuse square divided by broad band. Kraay, ACGC pl. 5, 100.
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Sear 4909Caria, Mylasa. Eupolemos, Strategos. 295-280 BC. 19mm. Three overlapping Macedonian shields, the outer two with spearheads in the center / EUPO-LEMOU, sword in a sheath; labrys left. SNG Helsinki 223-224, BMC 1-3. TextImage
Sear 4911Mylasa, Caria. ca 210-30 BC. AE12, 1.83 gr. Horse trotting right, front left foreleg raised / M-Y, ornamented trident with head downwards. Akarca Mylasa 34-35; Mionnet VI 352; Weber 6528; SNG von Aulock 2619; SNG Cop 422; BMC 11; Waddington 2452; Sear 4911.TextImage
BMC 28Antoninus Pius, AE20 of Mylasa, Caria. 138-161 AD. KAICAR ANTWNINOC, laureate head right / MYLA-CEWN, draped bust of Faustina right, hair coiled on top of head. BMC 28; Mionnet III, 310; SNG Tuebingen 3454. TextImage
Antoninus Pius. AE24, Caria, Mylasa. M AVP ANTONEINOC, laureate head right / MULA-CEWN, Cult statue of Zeus Labraundus facing. SNG vAulock 2626; Akarca 66; Mionnet 372.TextImage
SNG Cop 432Septimius Severus 25mm of Mylasa, Caria. Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / M-Y/LA-CE/W-N, combined trident & double-axe surmounting crab; all within wreath. SNGvA 2627.TextImage
Akarca 83Caracalla AE37 medallion of Mylasa, Caria. AY K M AR ANTWNINOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / MYLACEWN, Tetrastyle temple with cult statue of Zeus Labraundos, wearing polos and holding double-axe and sceptre within; the apex is ornamented with birds to left and right of a central disk. Akarca Mylasa 83; SNG Cop 436; BMC 35 var (obv legend).TextImage
BMC 37Caracalla and Geta, AE40 of Mylasa, Caria. ..ANTWNINOC..GETAC KAICAR, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla right, facing bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Geta left / MYLACEWN, statue of Zeus Osogoa standing right, holding trident and eagle, facing statue of Zeus Labraundos, standing left, holding double-axe and spear. Akarca Mylasa 87; BMC 37.TextImage
Akarca 92Geta AE34 of Mylasa, Caria. AD 198-209. PO CEPTIMIOC GETAC KAIC, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right / MYLA-CEWN, statue of Zeus Labraundos standing facing within tetrastyle temple, polos on head, holding labrys (double axe) and staff. Akarca Mylasa 92; Hirsch Coll. 1538 (with KAIC).TextImage
SGI 2841 Geta AE37 of Mylasa, Caria. PO CEPTIMIOC GETAC, draped & cuirassed bust right / MVLACEWN, tetrastyle temple containing cult statue of Zeus Labraundos standing facing, wearing polos, with labrys & spear, BMC 38, SNGvA 2630. TextImage
SNGCop 437Geta, AE35 of Mylasa, Caria. 198-209 AD. PO CEPTIMIOC GETAC KAI, bare-headed, cuirassed bust right, seen from the back / MULA-CEWN, tetrastyle temple within which is a cult statue of Zeus Labraundos, standing facing, wearing polos, holding labrys and spear. Mionnet 3, 322; SNG Cop 437; Hunter Coll. 2-3; BMC 38; SNG Von Aulock 2630.TextImage
SNG vA 2630Geta, AE36 of Mylasa, Caria. PO CEPTIMIOC GETA, bare-headed, draped bust right / MULACEWN, tetrastyle temple with statue of Zeus Labraundos within. Akarka 90; SNG von Aulock 2630; SNG Copenhagen 437.TextImage

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