Ancient Coinage of Kyrenaica, Euhesperides

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BMC 1a–1b varEuhesperides, Cyrenaica. AR drachm, Ca. 480-435 BC. 12 mm, 3.65 g. Silphium plant. / EY beneath dolphin right with silphium fruit above. BMC p. cxc 1a–1b var (symbol: gazelle's foreleg on rev); Traité II-3 1976 var (stag's foot); Müller -; Duchalais -.TextImage
BMC 6Euhesperides, Cyrenaica. AE20, Ca. 350-300 BC. 8.66 g. Short-bearded head of Zeus Ammon left. / Trident head, E-Y across lower fields. BMC 6-7; Müller 337.TextImage
BMC 8-9Euhesperides, Cyrenaica. AE18, Ca. 480-435 BC. 6.53 g. ΛHTΩN, head of the river-god Lethon right. / EY to right of silphium plant. BMC 8-10; Traité II-3 1987; Müller 335.TextImage
BMC 60eEuhesperides, Cyrenaica. AR tetradrachm, Ca. 480-435 BC. 27 mm, 17.18 g. E-Y-E-Σ (partially off flan), silphium plant. / KYΡA upwards to right of laureate, bearded head of Zeus Ammon right in dotted border within incuse circle. BMC p. xlii, 60e; Müller Supp. 121a; Traité -.TextImage
Mueller 338Euhesperides, Cyrenaica. AE Unit, Ca. 322-313. 23 mm, 10.55 g. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress with traces of the overstrike of head of Zeus Ammon right). / E-Y between the prongs of an inverted trident. Mueller 338. Overstruck on an issue from Barke: Head of Herakles/bow, club and quiver).TextImage
SNG Cop 1300Kyrene, Euhesperides AR Drachm. Circa 480-435 BC. Silphium plant / Head of Zeus Ammon right within dotted circle; all within incuse square.TextImage
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