Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Cadi, Cadoi

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BMC 3Cadi, Phrygia. AE29, semi-autonomous issue. AD 193-211. 8.6 g. IEΡA BOYΛH, veiled and draped bust of Boule right. / KAΔOHNΩN, Kybele seated left, holding patera, resting left arm on a drum, lion sitting left at her side. BMC 3; Mionnet Supp VII, 215.TextImage
BMC 6Cadi, Phrygia, semi-autonomous issue, ca. 197-217 AD. 1.84 g. Bust of youthful Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress, / KAΔOHNΩN (partially retrograde), lion walking right. BMC 6.TextImage
BMC 12Cadi, Phrygia, AE27. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Time of Trebonianus Gallus to Gallienus, AD 251-268. Charidemos, archon. IEΡOC ΔHMOC, diademed head of young Demos right / KAΔOHNΩN EΠ CAΡIΔHMOY AΡX, Demeter standing left in long chiton, holding ears of corn and poppy in right hand and resting with left on long torch. BMC 12; Righetti Coll. 6193.TextImage
Righetti Sale
Cadi, Phrygia. Pseudo-autonomous issue. 250-270 AD. EIEΡOC ΔHMOC, unbearded, youthful, diademed head of Demos right / EΠ CAΡIΔHMOY KAΔOHNΩN, Demeter standing towards left, holding poppies, corn-ears and sceptre. Righetti Sale, 523.TextImage
Scholz 141Cadi, Phrygia, AE17 semi-autonomous, AD 198-268. 2.37 g. Laureate head of Herakles right, lionskin knotted around neck / KAΔOHNΩN, Apollo standing left, holding branch and resting left elbow on a column. Scholz 141 in NZ 1910.TextImage
SNG Cop 240Cadi, Phrygia, 18mm, 3.29g. Helmeted bust of Athena right / KAΔOHNΩN, Dionysos, loins draped, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos; panther at feet to left. SNG Copenhagen 240.TextImage
SNG Cop 241Cadi, Phrygia, AE16 semi-autonomous, Severan times, AD 198-268. 3.31 gr. Helmeted, youthful male head right / KAΔOHNΩN, river-god Hermos reclining left, holding reed and cornucopiae, resting left arm on an overturned urn from which waters flow. SNG Cop 241; Imhoof "Flussgötter" 370; Mionnet IV, 320; SNG Munich 261; Paris M3149.TextImage
Weber 7047Cadi, Phrygia, AE30, semi-autonomous issue. AD 238-244. ΔHMOC, diademed head of Demos right. / KAΔOHNΩN, Herakles, naked, standing front, looking right, holding club and apples, lionskin hanging over left arm. Weber 7047.TextImage
RPC 3062Claudius AE 20mm of Cadi, Phrygia. KΛAYΔIOC KAICAΡ, Laureate head right / KAΔOHNΩN EΠI ΔHMHTΡIOY AΡTEMA, Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre; monogram before. RPC 3062; BMC 19; SNG von Aulock 3685; SNG Cop 246.TextImage
RPC 3063Claudius, AE17 of Cadi, Phrygia, 41-54 AD. Magistrate Meliton Askleptiados. KΛAYΔIOC KAICAΡ, laureate head right / EΠI MEΛITΩNOC ACKΛHΠIAΔOY KAΔOHNΩN, Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre. RPC 3063.TextImage
SGI 456 Claudius. 41-54 AD. AE21 of Phrygia, Cadi. KΛAYΔIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, Laureate head right / KAΔOHNΩN EΠI ΔHMHTΡIOY AΡTEMA, Laodikeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre, monogram in left field. TextImage
RPC 3064Agrippina II, AE15 of Cadi, Phrygia. AD 41-54. AΓΡIΠΠINAN ΣEBAΣTHN, draped bust right / KAΔOHNΩN, facing cult statue of Artemis with supports. RPC I 3064.TextImage
RPC 1361Domitia, AE of Cadi, Phrygia. 6.19 g. ΔOMITIA CEBACTH, draped bust right / KAΔOHNΩN, cult image of Artemis Ephesia facing. RPC 1361; BMC 23.TextImage
SNGFitz 4945Hadrian, Cadi, Phrygia, AE22. AY TΡAI AΔΡIANOC, Laureate draped bust, aegis at lower right tip / EΠI ΔIOΓENOYC AΡXONTOC KAΔOHNΩN to left and right of Zeus Lydios standing facing, head left, holding eagle and sceptre. SNG Fitz 4945; Imhoof, KM 3. TextImage
Burstein 788Commodus AE37mm of Cadi, Phrygia. Magistrate M. Aelius Menophilus. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed youthful bust right / EΠI M AIΛ MHNOΦIΛOY AΡC, KAΔOHNΩN below, Dionysus, loins draped, standing left; holding thyrsos, panther at foot right, paw on kantharos. Burstein 788. TextImage
SNG Fitz 4946Crispina, AE20 of Cadi, Phrygia. 178–182 AD. KΡICΠINA AYΓ, draped bust right / KAΔOHNΩN, cult image of Artemis Ephesia standing facing, wearing kalathos, with supports; between two stags. SNG Fitz. 4946; Sternberg Sale 1996, 658.TextImage
G&N 5, 196Caracalla, AE31 of Cadi, Phrygia. AD 197-217. Magistrate Demetrios. 21.1 g. AY K M AYΡ ANTΩNEINOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / EΠI ΔHMHTΡIOY B TOY ΦIΛOCΩN AΡC, (K)AΔOH(NΩN), tetrastyle temple with Zeus standing left by altar within, holding eagle and sceptre. Apparently unpublished. Isegrim -; Mionnet; SNG v. Aulock -; BMC -; Paris -; SNG Cop. - etc. Gitbud and Naumann, 5, 196.TextImage
Naumann 43, 736Severus Alexander, AE38 of Cadi, Phrygia. AD 222-235). Magistrate Ailius Zenodochos. AYT KAI M AYΡ CEB AΛEXANΔΡOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / EΠI AIΛ ZENOΔOXOY AΡX KAΔOHNΩN. Dionysus standing facing, looking left, loins draped, holding thyrsos; panther at foot right. Unpublished. Naumann 43, 736.TextImage
BMC 35Gordian III AE34 of Cadi, Phrygia. 238-244 AD. Magistrate Demetrios. AYT K M ANTΩNION ΓOΡΔIANON, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EΠI M ΔHMHTΡIOY OYM AΡC A EΡMOC KAΔOHNΩN, River-god Hermos reclining left, lower limbs draped, holding reed and cornucopiae. cf. SNG Copenhagen 254 (magistrate); BMC 35-6.TextImage
Mionnet 349Gordian III AE38 of Cadi, Phrygia. 238-244 AD. Magistrate Kleopatoros. AYT K M ANTΩNION ΓOΡΔIANON, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right. EΡMOC EΠI KΛEOΠATOΡOYC AΡXON A in two lines around, KAΔOHNΩN in two lines below, River-god Hermos reclining left, lower limbs draped, holding reed and leaning on overturned vase from which water flows. Mionnet IV, 349.TextImage
Lindgren 915Philip I, AE31 of Cadi, Phrygia. 244-249 AD. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / EΠI AYΡ ΡOY ΔHMHT KAΔO-HN-ΩN, Athena standing right, holding owl and spear. Lindgren 915.TextImage
SNG Fitz 4949Philip I AE30 of Cadi, Phrygia. 10.3g. AYT K M I ΦIΛIΠ(ΠOC), laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EΠI AYΡ ΔHMH AΡX KAΔOHNΩN;, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. SNG Fitz 4949; Leake Suppl 3; Tochon 737.TextImage

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