Ancient Coinage of Troas, Dardanos

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BMC 3Dardanos, Troas, AE15 mm. 4th C. BC. 3.05 gr. Horseman galloping right in petasos, chlamys flying out behind / ΔAΡ above cock walking right, head lowered. BMC 3.TextImage
BMC 13Dardanos, Troas; ca 350 BC; AE 10mm, 1,53gr. Man on horseback galloping right / ΔAΡ, rooster walking left. BMC 13-14.TextImage
BMC xliiDardanos. c450 BC. AR Obol. Cock standing right / Quadripartite incuse square. TextImage
BMC xliiCfTroas, Dardanos AR Obol. ca 450 BC. Cock standing right / Quadripartite incuse square. TextImage
CNG 230, 79Dardanos, Troas. 4th-3rd centuries BC. AR Hemiobol (7mm, 0.29 g). Head of nymph left / Cock standing right; crescent above; all within incuse square. Possibly unpublished.TextImage
Klein 173Dardanos, AR Tetartemorion, 6th-5th C. BC. 7-8 mm, 0.21 gr. Rooster standing left / Incuse head of calf left. Klein 173 (Klein collection sale 305, this coin).TextImage
Klein 303Dardanos, Troas, AR Obol (0.61 gr), ca 5th century BC. Cock standing left / Diagonally criss-crossed pattern. Klein 303.TextImage
Klein 303varDardanos, Troas, AR Obol. c 450 BC. Cock standing right / Network of diagonally intersecting lines. TextImage
Klein 304 varTROAS, Dardanos. Circa 5th C. BC. AR Tetartemorion (7mm, 0.12 gm). Cock standing left / Incuse calf's head right. SNG München 173 var. (calf's head left); cf. Klein 304 (Hemiobol; calf's head left).TextImage
SNG Cop 282Dardanos, Troas. 4th-3rd centuries BC. AR Obol (9mm, 0.64 g). Horseman riding left / Cock standing left within incuse square. SNG Copenhagen 282.TextImage
SNGCop 282cfTroas, Dardanos AR Hemiobol. ca 450 BC. Horseman to left / Cock standing left.; SNG Aul. vgl. 7593. TextImage
SNG Cop 290Dardanos, Troas. 4th-3rd centuries BC. AE11mm (1.42 g). Horseman riding right, wearing petatos / ΔAΡ, Rooster standing right; race-torch behind. SNG Copenhagen 290; SNG von Aulock 1504 var. (denomination).TextImage
SNGCop 292Troas, Dardanus. Horseman right / cock standing right. TextImage
SNGCop 298Troas, Dardanos. Circa 350 BC. AE 12mm. Horseman galloping right, in petasos / Cock standing right; monogram at right. TextImage
SNG Cop 300Dardanos, Troas. 4th-3rd century BC. AE17, 4.06 g. Horseman right, wearing petatos / ΔAΡ, Cock standing right, head lowered, in fighting attitude. SNG Copenhagen 300.TextImage
SNG Munich 173 varTROAS, Dardanos. 5th century BC. AR Trihemiobol(?) (9mm, 1.25 g,). Cock standing right / Incuse head of horse left. Cf. SNG München 173 (tetartemorion); SNG Copenhagen -.TextImage
Traite 640Troas, Dardanos AR Tetrobol. Circa 500 BC. Forepart of a winged horse right / Head of a satyr right, within dotted incuse square. TextImage
SNG von Aulock 1505Crispina, AE22mm of Dardanus, Troas. KRICCPINA AUGOUCTA, draped bust right / DARDANIWN, Aeneas walking right, Anchises on his shoulder, and holding the hand of the child Askanios, who is looking back to the left. SNG von Aulock 1505.TextImage
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