Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Syracuse, Gelon II

Gelon, son of Hieron II, predeceased his father, dying in 215 BC while organizing opposition to the Romans.

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Calciati 194Gelon II, Syracuse. AE. 21.48 mm; 8.10 gr. 274-216 BC. Head of Poseidon left / IEΡONOΣ, trident and three dolphins. SNG ANS 964; Calciati 194, 197-198.TextImage
Calciati 201Gelon II, Syracuse. AE. 22.50 mm; 12.11 gr. 274-216 BC. Head of Kore left / Pegasus flying right. Calciati 201.TextImage
SNG ANS 894cfSicily, Syracuse. Gelon, son of Hieron II. AR 8 Litrai. ca 216-215 BC. Diademed head of Gelon left; club behind / ΣYΡAKΩΣIOI above, ΓEΛONOΣ in ex, Nike driving biga right, holding kentron in right hand, reins in both; BA/E below. TextImage
SNG ANS 900vSicily, Syracuse, Gelon 274-216 BC, AR Four Litrai. Diademed head of Gelon left / Eagle standing on thunderbolt right; K to left, BA to right.TextImage
SNG ANS 902Sicily, Syracuse. Gelon, son of Hieron II. 275-215 BC. AR 4 Litrae. ca 216-215 BC. Diademed head left / Eagle standing right on thunderbolt; BA to left, F to right. Burnett 57. TextImage
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