Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Agyrion

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BMC 8 varAgyrium, Sicily, AE13. Head of Apollo, hair in formal locks, or of a female right, small strung bow behind shoulder / Hound left, "on the scent". BMC 8 var (hound right); Arslan 151 var (ditto).TextImage
Calciati 2Agyrion. Sicily, AE24, 17.62 gr. Ca. 430 BC. Eagle standing right, olive spray behind / Four-spoked wheel. Calciati 2; SNG ANS 1166; SNG Copenhagen 126; SNG Morcom 513.TextImage
Calciati 4Agyrion, Sicily. Ca 344-336 BC. AE 30mm, 33.47 gm. Youthful head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress / Man-headed bull standing right, star above. Calciati 4 OS/1 (this coin); BMC Sicily 6. Overstruck on a Syracusan AE Drachm, Athena/Dolphins and octopus (Calciati II, 62).TextImage
Calciati 6Sicily, Agyrion. Circa 344-336 BC. AE 20mm. Young head of Herakles / Forepart of man-headed bull. TextImage
Calciati 10Sicily, Agyrion AE15. ca 344-336 BC. Youthful head of Herakles left / forepart of man-headed bull left. SNG Lloyd 854. TextImage
Calciati 10cfSicily, (probably Agyrium or Herbessus), AE drachm. ca 330 BC. Head of bearded Hercules right, spear point behind / Man-headed bull standing right.TextImage
Calciati 11Sicily, Agyrion. Circa 357 BC. Symmachy issue. AE 23mm. Laureate head of Zeus Eleutherios right / Thunderbolt; eagle.TextImage
Calciati 12Agyrion, Sicily. Ca 344-300 BC. AE Dilitron, 19.15 gm. Head of Herakles right wearing taenia, lion's skin tied around neck / AΓYΡINAIΩN beneath panther standing right devouring prey. SNG ANS 1167; Calciati III pg. 130, 12/17 (this coin); BMC Sicily 6; SNG Copenhagen 127; Virzi 728.TextImage
Calciati 18Agyrion, Sicily. Ca 345-300 BC. AE13, 2.21 gr. Female head right / Bull butting right. Calciati III pg. 133, 18 (this coin); Virzi 814.TextImage
Calciati 19Agyrion, Sicily. Ca 345-300 BC. AE As. 13.24 gr. Helmeted head of Athena right / Bow and quiver. Calciati 19.TextImage
Calciati 19 OverstrikeSicily, Agyrion. c344-300 BC. AE Dilitron. Male head right, in crested helmet / AΓYΡINAIΩN, bow & quiver. Calciati 19; BMC 10. TextImage
Calciati 21Agyrion, Sicily. AE25, after 241 BC. 10.74 g. EΠI ΣΩΠATΡOY, Laureate head of Zeus right, monogram before / AΓYΡINAIΩN, Iolaos standing left, holding pedum and cornucopiae; above, Nike flying left, crowing him; before, hound seated left. Calciati 21; SNG ANS 1168; SNG Cop 130; BMC 11.TextImage
Calciati 23Agyrion, Sicily. AE15, after 241 BC. 2.31 gr. Laureate head of Apollo right / Female standing right; two rods before. Calciati 23 corr. (three rods).TextImage
Sear SG 1041Sicily, Agyrion AE Litra. ca 344-336 BC. AΓYΡINAION, youthful head of Herakles right / ΠAΛAΓKAIOΣ, forepart of a man-headed bull right. SNG ANS 1303, Calciati 6/2, BMC 3, SNG Cop 128.TextImage
Sear SG 1043SICILY, Agyrion. c344-300 BC. AE Dilitron. Head of Herakles right in taenia, lion's skin tied around neck / AΓYΡINAIΩN beneath panther standing right devouring prey. SNG ANS 1167; Calciati 12/17; BMC 6; SNG Cop 127.TextImage
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