Ancient Coinage of Caria, Nisyros

Nisyros, a small volcanic island of about 50 and 900 inhabitants in the south-eastern Aegean Sea about 16 km from Kos. It has kept its name to the present day.
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BMC 5Nisyros, Caria, 350-300 BC, AE11, 1.25 gr. Head of nymph right, wearing stephane / NI, Dolphin swimming right, trident below, bunch of grapes at top left. BMC 5-7; Sear Greece 5027.TextImage
SNG Cop 709Nisyros, Caria, Islands, AE11, 350-300 BC. 1.2g. Bearded head of Poseidon right / N(I), Dolphin swimming right, trident below. SNG Copenhagen 709; Hunter 1; BMC 1. SNGCop_709TextImage, extensive Nisyros tourist information