Ancient Coinage of Judaea, Marcus Ambibulus

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Hendin 636Marcus Ambibulus, Prefect of Judaea 9-12 AD, AE prutah. Year 39 = 9 AD. KAICAPOC, ear of barley turned to right / eight-branched palm tree bearing two bunches of dates, date in fields: L-AQ. Meshorer 2, RPC 4954. TextImage
Hendin 637Marcus Ambibulus Prefect Under Augustus 9-12 C.E. AE Prutah. Ear of barley curved to right; KAICAPOC (of Caesar) / Eight-branched palm tree bearing bunches of dates; date in field LM = YEAR 40 = 10 C.E. Meshorer 3, RPC 4956. TextImage
Hendin 638Judaea, Marcus Ambibulus, Prutah. Year 41 = 11 AD. KAICAPOC, ear of barley / Palm, L MA at sides. Meshorer 4, RPC 4957. TextImage
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