Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Pelinna

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Pelinna, an inland town in Thessaly, near modern Palaiogardiki, Greece

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Rogers 427Thessaly, Pelinna. 4th century BC. AE14mm, 3.02 g. Horseman left, striking at fallen Hoplite with javelin / Warrior advancing left, holding shield and two spears. Rogers 427; SNG Copenhagen 186-7 var. (horseman right). TextImage
Rogers 430Pelinna, Thessaly, AE16. Horseman right, holding spear / PELINNAEIWN, Mantho seated right, opening a casket. Rogers 430; SNG Copenhagen 190.TextImage
SNGCop 185
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Thessaly, Pelinna AR Trihemiobol. ca 400-344 BC. Horseman left, holding two long spears / PE-LIN, hoplite advancing left, holding two spears & shield. BMC 1, SNG Cop 185.TextImage
SNGCop 188Thessaly, Pelinna. Circa 306-197 BC. 16mm. Horseman galloping left / P-ELI-NNAI, Mantho standing right, opening casket. TextImage
SNGCop 191Thessaly, Pelinna 19. 3rd Century BC. Veiled head of Mantho right / horseman with spear right. TextImage
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