Ancient Coinage of Capitolias, Syria

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Spij 12Commodus, AE17 of Capitolias, Decapolis, Syria. 3.57 g. AYT K M AYΡ KOMOΔOC, bare head right / KAΠITΩΛ IEΓ A, Dionysos, naked, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos. Spijkerman 12; Rosenberger 12; Riedl type 1b.TextImage
Spij 13 Commodus AE34mm of Capitolias, Decapolis, Syria. Dated CY 93 (AD 189-190). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / KAΠITωΛ below, E AYT IEΡAC, KΓ along roofline, tetrastyle temple with arched central bay set on three-tiered base; statue of Tyche, holding sceptre, standing left within.TextImage
Spij 14Commodus AE21 of Capitolias, Palestine. AD 180-192. 6.88 g. Dated local year 93, AD 189-190. AVT K M AVΡ KOMOΔOC, laureate head right. / KAΠITωΛIEΩN IAA, Tyche standing left, holding sceptre and cornucopiae. Date Γy below. Spijkerman 14; de Saulcy 1.TextImage