Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Kings, Kotys II

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Mionnet 134Kotys II or III of Thrace, 57-48 BC. AE12, 1.37 gr. Diademed head right / KOTYOS, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings closed. Mionnet I, 134.TextImage
Moushmov 5778Kingdom of Thrace, Kotys II AR Tetradrachm. ca 57-48 BC. Wreathed head of Dionysos right / KOTYOC XAPAKTHP, nude Herakles standing left, holding club & lion's skin. Jurukova 145, Lukanc 1924-1926.TextImage
RPC 1702Kings of Thrace, Kotys II, AE 7.24 g., BASILEWS KOTYS, diademed bust of Kotys II right / BASILEWS RAISKOUPORIDOS, Nike standing left, holding wreath. RPC 1702.TextImage
SNGCop 32vKingdom of Thrace. Kotys II., 124-133 AD. 48 Nummia. 10.89 g. BACILEWC KOTYOC, Bust of Kotys right, holding trident / MH, Value within wreath. SNG Cop. 32 var.TextImage
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