Ancient Coinage of Aeolis, Autokane

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Imhoof MG 213Autokane, Aeolis, 3rd century BC. AE10, 1.07 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / AYTOK, Helmeted head of Athena right. Imhoof Monnaies Greques 213; Stauber Adramytteion p.267, 2A.TextImage
SNG Ashmol. 1259Autokane, Aeolis, 4th century BC. AE9, 0.90 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / Head of Dionysos right, wearing ivy-wreath crown. SNG Ashmolean 1259.TextImage
SNG Cop 27Autokane, Aeolis, 400-300 BC, 1,87 gr. AE14mm. Bearded head of Zeus facing three quarters right / AYTOKA, barley corn within wreath. SNG Cop. 27; Stauber, Adramytteion 10a. (SNG Cop describes the reverse as a ball within a wreath).TextImage
SNG Fr 160Autokane, Aeolis, 3rd century BC. AE15, 2.92 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / AYTOKA, Helmeted head of Athena right. SNG France 160; Stauber Adramytteion p. 267, 5A.TextImage
Weber 5472Autokane, Aeolis, 4th century BC. AE, 1.07 gr. Bearded, laureate head of Zeus right / AUTOKA beneath helmeted head of Athena right. Weber 5472.TextImage