Ancient Coinage of Bithynia, Dia

Note: the Thracian specialist Imhoof-Blumer, in Griechische Münzen, states that coins previously attributed to Dia, Bithynia (e.g. Head, Hedervar etc) were misread or misinterpreted and that Dia, Bithynia struck no coins. During its history, Kabeira in Thrace was re-named Diospolis (then Neokaisareia) and it is to this town that coins with the legend DIAS should be attributed.

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SNGBMC 1562Bithynia, Dia AE 20mm. Circa 85-65 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / Eagle standing left, head right, on thunderbolt; monogram in left field. SNG Stancomb 805. TextImage
SNGvA_6930Bithynia, Dia. Circa 85-65 BC. AE 19mm (8.10 gm). Diademed head of Zeus right / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head reverted, monogram in left field; DIAS in exergue. TextImage
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