Ancient Coinage of Luceria, Apulia

Rutter HN 678

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BMC 20Apulia, Luceria. Ca 217-212 BC. AE Semuncia. 23.56 g. Crescent / Filleted thyrsos, L or similar in field. BMC 20; HN Italy 675f; Vecchi 350; Sydenham 130.TextImage
Garrucci 92, 26Luceria, Apulia, AE Uncia, 17mm, 4.71 g. Late 3rd Century BC. Bare-headed, bearded head right / Lion crouching right, horizontal caduceus above, L below. Garrucci pl. 92, 26; SNG ANS -; HN Italy -; BMC -.TextImage
Haeb 10Italia Greca. Luceria, Apulia (?). As, 240-217 BC. 209.90gr. 65.00mm. Female head left with hair tied with a ribbon in ponytail behind head. Value "I" below / Rooster standing left. Thurlow-Vecchi 195 (uncertain mint of Central Italy); Haeb. pl. 64, 10.TextImage
Rutter 669Luceria, Apulia, AE aes grave As. 69 mm, 232.47 g. Ca. 275 BC. Head of Apollo left / Rooster standing left. Rutter, HN Italy 669; Vecchi ICC 336.TextImage
Rutter 671Anonymous. Circa 225-217 BC. AE Aes Grave Quatrunx (42mm, 107.84 g). Libral standard, heavy series. Luceria mint. Thunderbolt on a raised disk / Club; four dots (mark of value) to right; all on a raised disk. Vecchi ICC 339; Haeberlin pl. 70, 10-11; Rutter HN Italy 671.TextImage
Rutter 672Anonymous. Circa 225-217 BC. AE Aes Grave Teruncius (40mm, 74.81 g). Libral standard. Luceria mint. Star of six rays on a raised disk / Dolphin left; three dots (value mark) below; all on a raised disk. Vecchi 347; Haeberlin pl. 70, 12-13; HN Italy 672.TextImage
Rutter 673Luceria, Apulia. AE Biunx. ca. 220 BC. 26 mm, 19.47 g. Scallop shell / Astragalos; L to right, two dots to left. Rutter HN Italy 673; Vecchi ICC 341.TextImage
Rutter 674Luceria, Apulia. AE cast Uncia. ca. 225-217 BC. 32.89 g. Frog, seen from above / Corn ear or barley corn (resembling a spearhead), dot in left field. Rutter HN Italy 674; Vecchi 342.TextImage
Rutter 676Luceria, Apulia, AE 10 Uncia nummus. 44 mm, 85.82 g. Ca. 220 BC. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress / Horse prancing right, star above, L below. HN Italy 676; Vecchi ICC 344 (this coin); Sydenham 137. TextImage
Rutter 677aApulia, Luceria. Ca 217-212 BC. AE quincunx, 34.52 g. Wheel of four spokes / Wheel of four spokes, five dots in one quarter, L in another. HN Italy 677a; Vecchi ICC 345; SNG Cop 648.TextImage
Rutter 677bAnonymous. Ca 217-212 BC. AE Aes Grave Quadrunx (26mm, 26.22 g). Reduced weight. Luceria mint. Thunderbolt / Club, four dots above; L below. Vecchi ICC 346; Haeberlin pl. 71, 18-20; HN Italy 677b.TextImage
Rutter 677cApulia, Luceria. Ca 217-212 BC. AE Teruncius, 27mm, 23.27 g. Star of eight rays on a raised disk / Dolphin right, three dots above, L below, all on a raised disk. Vecchi ICC 347 corr ("six rays"); HN Italy 677c.TextImage
Rutter 678Luceria, Apulia. Circa 211-200 BC. AE 26mm, Quincunx. Helmeted head of Minerva right; five dots above / L-O-Y-C-E-R-I between the spokes or rays of a wheel of eight spokes (or eight rayed star). SNG ANS 699-703; SNG Cop 659. TextImage
Rutter 679Luceria, Apulia, AE Quadrunx. 12.48 g. 211-200 BC. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress; four dots behind head / LOVCERI, Quiver, club, and bow. Rutter, HN Italy 679; SNG France 1356; SNG ANS 704.TextImage
Rutter 680Luceria, Apulia, AE Teruncius. 11 mm, 12.14 g. 211-200 BC. Diademed head of Poseidon right, three dots behind head / Dolphin right, trident-head right above, LOVCERI below. Rutter, HN Italy 680; SNG France 1361; SNG ANS 706.TextImage
Rutter 681Luceria, Apulia, AE Biunx. 17 mm, 6.20 g. 211-200 BC. Head of Ceres (Demeter) right, two dots behind head / Cockle-shell, LOVCERI below. Rutter, HN Italy 681; SNG ANS 708; SNG France 1364.TextImage
Rutter 683Luceria, Apulia, AE 12mm Semiuncia, ca. 211 BC; 2.83 g. Head of Artemis right / LOVCERI, crescent in linear border. HN Italy 683; SNG Cop 665; SNG ANS-.TextImage
Rutter 684Luceria, Apulia. AE Semuncia. ca. 211-200 BC. 12mm, 2.05 g. Jugate heads of the Dioscuri right / LOVCERI above the horses of the Dioscuri galloping right. Rutter HN Italy 684; SNG ANS 710.TextImage
SNG ANS 699Luceria, Apulia AE Quinqunx. 250-217 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right, five dots above / LOVCERI between spikes of wheel. TextImage
SNG ANS 704Luceria, Apulia. ca 211-200 BC. AE Triens or Quadrunx. Head of Herakles right, in lionskin headdress; four dots behind / LOVCERI, quiver, club & bow. SNG ANS 704; BMC 57; SNG Cop 660; HN Italy 679. TextImage
SNG ANS 706Luceria, Apulia. Circa 3rd Century BC. AE Quadrans. Laureate head of Poseidon right / Dolphin leaping right; trident above, LOVCERI below. TextImage
SNG ANS 706vLuceria, Apulia. Circa 211-200 BC. AE 20mm, Teruncius. Diademed head of Neptune right / Dolphin right. SNG ANS 706-707 var, Rutter HN 680 corr. TextImage
SNG ANS 709Luceria in Apulia, AE Uncia. ca 211-200 BC. 3.52 gr. Laureate head of Apollo right, bow and quiver at shoulder, one dot behind / LOVC-ERI, frog. SNG ANS 709; HN, Italy 682; SNG France 1368.TextImage
TV 281Italia Greca. Luceria, Apulia. AE. Quincunx, ca. 220 BC. 34.56 gr, 33.00mm. Large X or four spoked wheel / Large X or four spoked wheel, five dots in one section, L in opposite section. Thurlow-Vecchi 281; Vecchi ICC 345; HN Italy 677a.TextImage
Vecchi 283Luceria, Apulia. Circa 220 BC. AE Aes Grave Teruncius. Eight-pointed star / Dolphin left or right; L below, three dots above.Text

Vecchi 284Luceria, Apulia. Circa 220 BC. AE Aes Grave Biunx. Scallop shell / Astragalos; L right, two dots above. TextImage
Sear 587Luceria, Apulia AE Quincunx. 211-200 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right, five dots above / Λ-O-V-C-E-Ρ-I between eight spokes of a wheel. HN 678.TextImage
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