Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Eriza

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Eriza, a small town in southern Phrygia (renamed Karahüyük by the Turks), in the lower Indus valley between Cibyra and Themisonium.
Aulock 259ffEriza, Phrygia, AE22, civic issue, 200-10 BC. Bearded head of Zeus or Poseidon right, hair in a taenia / EΡIZHNΩN, eagle standing right on thunderbolt, wings spread. Aulock Phrygien I, 259-271; SNG von Aulock 3571 and 8361; Weber 7086; SNG Cop 364; SNG Munich 192; Waddington 2337.TextImage
Aulock 276Eriza, Phrygia, AE16. 1-64 g. 200-10 BC. Horseman right / EΡIZHNΩN, Athena Keraunos standing right, aiming spear held in right hand. Aulock Phrygien 1 276; Hunter 1.TextImage
Heidelberger 64, 1155Eriza, Phrygia. AE After 116 BC. Roman times. 7,75 g. BOYΛH, veiled head of Boule right / EΡI-ZH-NΩN, four grain-ears bound together. Apparently unpublished. Heidelberger 64, lot 1155.TextImage
Nolle, Eriza 47Commodus, AE28 of Eriza, Phrygia, 15.42 g. AD 180-192. Magistrate Tiberius Claudius Pardalas. AY AYΡ KOMOΔOC KAICAΡ ANTΩNEIN, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ΓΡA TI KΛAYΔIO ΠAΡΔAΛA EΡIZHNΩN, The great god Sozon riding right, holding bipennis. Nollé 47 ff in "Eriza und Themisonion, Gephyra 6".TextImage
BMC 4Geta, AE18 of Eriza, Phrygia. AD 198-209. 3.3 g. Λ CEΠ ΓETAC K, bare-headed, draped bust right / EΡIZHNΩN, cult image of Artemis Ephesia standing facing, wearing polos and veil. Aulock Phrygien I 302-307; BMC 4; Imhoof KM 2; SNG Cop 365.TextImage

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