Ancient Coinage of Axum, Agd

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BMC 444Agd, King of Axum. ca AD 525-550. AR 16mm (1.49 gm). AGD King of Axum (in Ge'ez), crowned facing bust; gilt crown / The king who Exalts the Savior (in Ge'ez), cross under arch; gilt center. Munro-Hay 126; BMC Aksum 444. TextImage
Munro_126Agd, King of Axum. ca AD 500-525. AR 16mm (0.97 g, 12h). “AGD, King of Aksum” in Ge’ez, gilt-crowned facing bust / “The king who exalts the Savior” in Ge’ez, gilt square-armed voided cross within arched distyle canopy. Munro-Hay Type 126i; cf. BMC Aksum 440-445. TextImage
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