Ancient Coinage of Pontus, Kabeira

Kabeira (Cabira): Modern day Sivas, central Turkey.

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BMC 1246Kabeira, Pontos. AE22. ca 120-100 BC. Gorgoneion facing, turned slightly right, Aegis around / KABHRWN, Nike walking right, palm branch over shoulder, TM monogram to right. RecGen 4; SNG Fitzwilliam 796; BMC 1246.TextImage
Sear 3652Kabeira, Pontus, AE28. Struck under King Mithradates VI, 120-63 BC. Head of Athena right in triple crested helmet, ornamented with Pegasus / KABH-RWN, Perseus standing facing, holding harpa and the head of Medusa, whose decapitated body lies at his feet. RecGen 2; BMC 1; SNG Cop 215; SNG von Aulock 6756.TextImage

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