Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Bellovaci

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BN 8654Celtic Gaul, Bellovaci, AR 17mm, Potin 'à la Cigarette' or 'aux Chevrons' (50-20 BC). 3.36 g. Male head right, hair in bristles / Field divided into two parts: boar in upper section, three curved shaped in lower section. DT 532, BN Paris 8654.TextImage
DLT 7109Gaul. The Bellovaci(?). Ca. second century BC. Gold quarter stater (1.76 gm). Celticized male or female head right, ribbon tattoo with zigzag ornament running from chin to cheekbone, two volutes beneath neck truncation / Winged horse standing left, with nose ending in proboscis & wing rendered as floating veil, star behind, branch below, volutes in ex. TextImage
DLT 7458Celtic, The Bellovaci(?). Circa 1st Century BC. Potin 19mm. Two goats opposed, rampant; pellet between / Wolf and boar opposed, rampant; pellet between. CCCBM III 466. TextImage
DLT 7467Celtic, Gaul. The Bellovaci. Circa 1st Century BC. Potin 20mm (6.64 gm). Two goats; legend and pellet between / Wolf and boar. CCCBM III 466 variant. TextImage
DLT 7981Celtic, The Bellovaci. Ca. 1st century BC. AE 16 mm (2.70 g). Head left / Eagle with wings spread standing, head left; three dots in pellets and two pentagrams around. TextImage
DT 509Celtic Northeast Gaul. Bellovaci. ca 60-25 BC. AE 17 mm, 2.46 g. Celticized male head left, with long, flowing hair. / Human-headed fowl type gryllus to right; dot in ring above spiral sun to right. Delestrée-Tache 509; Scheers 475.TextImage
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