Ancient Coinage of Cyclades, Paros

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BMC 11Cyclades, Paros AR Rhodian-standard Didrachm. Circa 230-200 BC. Female head right (Artemis?), hair tied over head with ribbon wrapped three times / ANAXIK PARI in two lines above, goat standing right. SNG Copenhagen 722; Kraay-Hirmer 536. TextImage
SNGCop 715Paros, Cyclades. AR Drachm. 510-475 BC. Kneeling goat right in dotted circle / Shallow quadripartite incuse square. TextImage
SNGLockett 2624Cyclades, Paros AR Drachm. Circa 510-475 BC. Kneeling goat right / Quadripartite incuse square with two deep and two shallow sections. SNG Delepierre 2445ff. TextImage
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