Ancient Coinage of Britain, Iceni

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Allen Type BHBritish Celtic Iceni ‘Freckenham Boar’ AR Unit. Silver, 0.96 gr. Early-mid 1st century AD. Boar right, prominent bristles, single front leg below knee, pellet rosette below / Horse right, large wheel above, pellet rosette below. V. – ; Allen type: BH. See CCI 99.0234, etc. CCI Reg. number: CCI 00.1805.TextImage
AR_UnitBritish Celts, Iceni, AR unit. Boar / Horse Type Mid-Late 1st century BC, Boar right, five pellets below. / Horse right, crescent and three pellets above, four pellets below. TextImage
BMC 3356British Celtic Iceni ‘Early Face/Horse Type’ AR Unit. Silver, 1.20 gr. Circa 50-30 BC. Celticized male head right with herringbone hair and large eye / horse right, wheel above, pole beneath. V. – ; Allen type: EFH CC; BMC 3356-3555; S. 433 var. CCI Reg. nr: CCI 00.1801.TextImage
BMC 4297Iceni, AR Ecen Type Unit, ecen unit un-inscribed, 2 opposed crescents. S 436; V 752; BMC 4297-4325. TextImage
Hobbs 3595 Celtic, The Iceni. Queen Boudicca. Mid-Late First Century BC. AR Unit (0.99 gm). Head right / Horse right. Hobbs 3595 (same dies); Van Arsdell 790-1; Seaby 434. Toned, VF, slightly porous. Estimate 50. TextImage
VA 610Celtic Iceni (Britain) Base Gold Stater. Norfolk Wolf type Van Arsdell 610-3, Mack 49b, Hobbs 227..., S 28. Abstract head right / Wolf left. TextImage
VA 628-1British Celts, Iceni, AV 1/4 stater, Irstead type. 1st century BC. 0.98 gr. "Hatched" box / Horse to right with raised leg, triplet above, pellet below. BMC 3436; Mack 404; VA 628-1.TextImage
VA 657English Celtic, The Iceni, AR unit, (1.03g) 35-25 BC, Boar right, flower above. / Disjointed horse right, with three pellets and large crescent above, six-pointed star below. TextImage
VA 756-1Celts Of Britain, Iceni, 45-50 AD. AR silver unit. Double crescent pattern with two dots in centre / Celticized horse right with three dots on shoulder, dot within rayed circle below; (ED below, off flan). VA 756-1; BMC 4283-4296.TextImage
VA 764Celts Of Britain, Iceni, 45-50 AD. Double crescent emblem / Celticized horse right, ECE below. TextImage
VA 790Celtic Britain, The Iceni, "Boudicca" (AD 61) AR Unit. Celticized head right / Celticized horse right, wheel above, lozenge below. Hobbs 3556ff. TextImage
Ar_unitBritish Celts, Icini, AR unit, (0.92g) Mid-Late 1st C. BC. Boar right, five pellets below. / Horse right, crescent and three pellets above, four pellets below.TextImage
AV Quarter Britain, Iceni, AV quarter stater- TextImage
Sear SG 182 typeCeltic Britain: The Iceni. First century BC. AR 13mm, 1.16 gm. Wreath with two back to back crescents / Horse galloping left.TextImage
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