Ancient Coinage of Caria, Syangela

Syangela was on the eastern side of the Bodrum Peninsula. Ruins considered to be Syangela are on a flat hill in the Alazeytin District, Turkey.

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SNG vA 2867Syangela, Caria, AE10, ca. 350-320 BC. 0.81g. Laureate head of Zeus right / S-Y, spear-head within olive wreath. Yarkin 5-6; SNG von Aulock 2867; Klein, KM 541.TextImage
Yarkin 4Syangela, Caria. Ca 300-275 BC. AE 12mm, 1.48 gr. Wreathed head of Dionysos left / SU sideways to right of kantharos, bunch of grapes to left. Yarkin 4; SNG Keckman 265.TextImage
Yarkin 8 varSyangela, Caria, AE, 0.68 gr. 300-275 BC. Spear-head within wreath / SUA, bunch of grapes. Wenninger p. 388; cf Yarkin 8 (weight).TextImage

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