Ancient Coinage of Eastern, Burgenland

Celtic Burgenland, now the eastern edge of modern Austria

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Gobl_469 Eastern Celts AR Tetradrachm. Burgenland, ca 100–50 BC. Kroisbach type. Laureate head right with broken nose / Celticized ruler (head with trailing diadem ties & torso only) on horse prancing left, twisted exergual line terminating in torque at each end. Gobl OTA 469/3–4, BMC 154. Text Obv Rev
Kostial_743 Eastern Celts, Burgenland, Kroisbach Type. ca 100–50 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Laureate male head right with broken nose, Celticized / Celticized horseman left, only torso & head with long crest shown atop horse, beneath horse a twisted ground line terminating in a torque at each end (off flan this specimen). Göbl OTA 469/3–4. Text Image
Text Image
Quarter_Drachm EASTERN CELTS. Burgenland. Ca. 100-50 BC. Silver trihemiobol(?) (0.85 gm). Kroisbach type variant. Celticized head left with broken nose, perhaps helmeted / Horse pacing left, wing above. Unpublished. Extremely rare. Extremely fine. Text Obv Rev
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