Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Carnutes

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BN_7068GAUL: THE CARNUTES. c. 40 BC. Bronze -16mm (2.44 gm). O: Bust of female wearing diadem. R: Eagle below hand holding berry branch. TextObvRev
DLT_5986Gaul, The Carnutes (Poitou) AR Drachm. After ca 150 BC. Laureate, beardless head right, Celticized, with laurel leaves in “Kashmiri” style / Two horses running right, one above the other, pair of leaves above, Celticized eye below. BMC S161. TextObvRev
DLT_6088Celtic Gaul, Carnutes AE15. Region of Chartres, type "Aux oiseaux et au serpent" (with birds and snake). Before 52 BC. Head right / large and small eagles, pentagram to left, bouleted cross between, serpent above. TextObvRev
DLT_6188 Celtic Potin Carnutes Tribe / Wolf TextImage
DLT_6337CELTIC, Gaul. Carnutes. Katal. Circa 1st Century BC. AE 15mm. Head right; K before / Winged lion walking right. TextImage
DLT_6377Carnutes, 80-50 BC. Obverse: Head l. Reverse: Wolf walking l. Celtic legend INIA above. TextImage
Scheers_766Gaul, Carnutes Ć 16mm. ca 80-40 BC. Celticized head of Apollo right / TAIIOC (retrograde) in ex, roaring lion walking left, bird perched left on back, pellet in ring before, another under belly. Danicourt 175. TextImage
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