Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Tyndaris

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BMC 3Sicily, Tyndaris. ca 380-254 BC. AE 17mm. TYN­API-TAN retrograde, laureate head of Apollo left / Horse's head right. TextImage
BMC 6Sicily, Tyndaris. c254-214 BC. AE 20mm. TYN­API-TAN, wreathed head of Persephone left / ΣΩTHΡEΣ, the Dioskouri on horseback galloping left. Calciati I 12. TextImage
Calciati 3vSicily, Tyndaris AE13. ca 380-254. TYNΔAΠI-TAN, head of Apollo right / horse head left. TextImage
Calciati 23.1Sicily. Tyndaris. 2nd century BC. AE 13, 1.99g. The pilei of the Dioscuri, both surmounted by a star. Dotted border / Star of eight rays. TYNΔAΡITAN between the rays, Dotted border. McClean pl. 109,13. Calciati I p. 82, 23/1.TextImage
Calciati 80-12Sicily, Tyndaris. AE, 6.29 gr. 287-276 BC. TYNΔAΡITAN, female head left, hair tied with ribbon and forming a short plait behind neck / ΣΩTHΡEΣ, the Dioskuri on horseback, galloping left. Calciati I, 80, 12. SNG München 1581.TextImage
Calciati 81-19Sicily, Tyndaris. After 214 BC. AE16, 3.61 gr. Laureate head of Zeus right / TYNΔAΡITAN, eagle with wings open standing right on thunderbolt. Calciati I 81, 19; vgl. SNG ANS 5, 1407.TextImage
Calciati 82-21Sicily, Tyndaris, AE15, 5,36g. after 212 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / TYNΔAΡITAN, Winged caduceus between olive branch and stalk of barley. BMC 14; SNG Cop. 953; Calciati I 82, 21.TextImage
Calciati 83-31ffSicily, Tyndaris, AE, 1.68 gr. 2nd-1st C. BC. Crowned head right / Star with sixteen rays. Calciati I, 83, 31ff.TextImage
CNS 9Sicily, Tyndaris. 380-317 BC. AE 12mm, 1.49 g. Female head right; TYNΔAΡITAN around / Dolphin left; TR I below. CNS 9 corr. (obv. legend).TextImage
Lanz 138-155Sicily, Tyndaris. After 214 BC. AE12, 2.15 gr. Eagle with wings open standing right on thunderbolt / TYNΔAΡITAN, thunderbolt. Calciati -; BMC -; Mionnet -.TextImage
SNG ANS 1164Sicily, Tyndaris. After 214 BC. AE17, 3.14 gr. Laureate head of Zeus right, star behind head / TYNΔAΡITAN, eagle with wings open standing right on thunderbolt. SNG ANS 5, 1164 und 1407.TextImage
SNG Cop 949Tyndaris, Sicily, AE14, 2.25 gr. 380-254 BC. Laureate head of Apollo left / Horse's head left with bridle. Calciati 3; SNG COP 949; BMC 3 var.TextImage
SNG Cop 950Tyndaris, Sicily, AE 20. 6.8 gm. Veiled head of Tyndaris right, wearing earring and stephane, star of eight rays behind / (from lower left, anti-clockwise) TYNΔAΡITAN, the Dioskouri on horseback galloping right with couched lances. Sear 1247; SNG Cop 950; BMC 8 var (position of rev. legend).TextImage
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