Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Kings, Aeropos

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SNG ANS 76Kingdom of Macedon, Aeropos AR Stater. Aigai mint. Head of Apollo right, with short hair, in taenia / AERO-[P]-O, horse advancing right, trailing rein, within linear border in shallow incuse square. AMNG III 1. TextImage
SNG Cop 509Macedonia, Aeropus. 396-392 B.C. AE12. Young male head (Ares?) right / Forepart of horse galloping right. TextImage
Traité IV, 824Aeropos, King of Macedonia. 398-395 BC. AR Hemiobol. 8mm, 0.50 g. Aigai or Pella mint. Head of Herakles right wearing lionskin headdress / AEPO, Head of boar or wolf right; club below; all within shallow incuse square. Traite IV 824; AMNG III-2, 1 note.TextImage
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