Ancient Coinage of Laconia, Asopus

The ancient town of Asopos are today some ruins on the small promontory SE of Plytra. Under Roman rule it was an important town on Cape Maleas and a major centre on the imperial Roman road network. Ruins are still visible on the shore and on the seabed (tombs, bath houses with mosaic floors and the ruins of other buildings).

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Weber 4139Plautilla, AE21 of Asopos, Laconia, AD 202-205. FOUL PLAUTILLA, draped bust right / ACwPEITwN, Tyche standing left, towered, holding patera and cornucopiae. Weber 4139; BCD Pelopp. 950.TextImage
Mionnet 78Caracalla 23mm of Lakonia, Asopus. Young laureate bust of Caracalla right, draped and cuirassed / Tyche standing left, turreted, holding patera and cornucopiae.TextImage
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