Ancient Coinage of Venusia, Apulia

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HN Italy 709Italia Greca. Aes Grave, Biunx of Venusia, Apulia. ca. 280 BC. 64.10 gr, 37.00mm. Dolphin left, two dots below / Dolphin left, two dots below. TV 291.TextImage
HN Italy 720Venusia, Apulia, AE Quincunx, ca. 210-200 BC. 28mm, 12.04g. Laureate head of Zeus left, five dots behind / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings spread, VE monogram to left. HN Italy 720; Burnett 4.3.TextImage
Loret 10Venusia, Apulia. AE Teruncius, 280-260 BC. 92.70 gr. Scallop shell / Three crescents, VE above. TV 290 (13 ex. cited). ; AG/Crawford 157; Loret 10. ANS online 1995.11.1866.TextImage
SNG ANS 756Venusia, Apulia. ca 210 BC. AE Sextans. Head of Athena right, in crested Corinthian helmet; two pellets above / VE monogram, two dolphins. BMC 13, SNG Cop 705. TextImage
SNG ANS 757Venusia, Apulia. c211 BC. AE Uncia. Half length bust of Herakles right, wearing lionís skin headdress and holding club over shoulder; large pellet before / Lion seated left, breaking spear in its jaw. BMC 14. TextImage
SNG ANS 757vVenusia, Apulia. Circa 210-200 BC. AE 18mm - Uncia. Head of Herakles left / Lion seated left, head facing, holding spear in mouth. Rutter HN 714 TextImage
SNG ANS 758Venusia, Apulia. ca 210-200 BC. AE Nomos. Wreathed head of Dionysos right; VE monogram behind / Dionysos seated, holding grapes in right hand, thyrsos in left; NēI right. BMC 19, SNG Cop 706. TextImage
SNG ANS 759Venusia, Apulia. Circa 268-217 BC. AE Quincunx. Laureate head of Zeus left / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt; VE monogram before. TextImage
SNG ANS 764ffVenusia, Apulia. Circa 210-200 BC. AE Quadrans. Veiled head of Hera left; three pellets behind / Three crescents, star within each. Rutter, HN 721. TextImage
SNG ANS 766Venusia, Apulia. Circa 210-200 BC. AE Sextans. Helmeted head of Athena left; two pellets above / Owl standing left on branch. SNG ANS 766-769; Rutter, HN 722. TextImage
SNG ANS 770Venusia, Apulia AE 15mm. ca 210-200 BC. Head of Hermes right, in petasus / winged boot of Hermes left, VE monogram above, caduceus to left. Rutter HN 726. TextImage
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