Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Chersonesos

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Anokhin 157varChersonesos Taurica, Black Sea. AE 13mm. Head of Artemis right, quiver behind / XEP above bull standing left. Anokhin 157 var; Shonov 52 var.TextImage
Anokhin 248varTauric Chersonesos, Chersonesos. 25/4 BC – AD 134. AV Stater 20mm, 7.64 g. Dated Year 119 (95 AD). XEPCONEITWN, Diademed and draped bust left; sceptre before / Artemis advancing right, holding bow and arrow, preparing to cast spear; monogram to left, PI-Q (date) across lower field. Anokhin, Chersonesos 248-9 var. (date & legend); Zograph pl. XXXVII, 13-5 var. (same).TextImage
Anokhin 254Chersonesos, Thrace. AE. X-ERCO.., Diademed, male head right / Artemis standing right, holding spear in raised right hand, bow in lowered left. cf Shonov 82; cf Anokhin, Chersonesos 254.TextImage
Anokhin 282Chersonesos, Black Sea, Thrace. AE18. CER beneath Artemis right, kneeling on one knee on a stag's back, wielding spear / ELEU-QERAC above and beneath bull standing right. Anokhin 282; Tavricheskogo 128.TextImage
Anokhin 782Chersonesos, Tauric Chersonesos, Thrace, AE19, Ca. 190-180 BC. 4.38 g. Magistrate Agasikl–. Laureate head of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder / CER AGASI.. above and beneath bull butting left. Anokhin 782; SNG BM Black Sea 806-807.TextImage
BMC 57Thracian Chersonesos ca 350 BC. AE12 mm, 1.45 gr. Helmeted head of Athena right / XER, barley corn. BMC 3 (Tauric Chersonese..) 57.TextImage
SNG BM 754cfTauric Chersonesos, Chersonesos. Late 4th-early 3rd centuries BC. AE23mm. 9.72 g. Pa-, magistrate. Artemis Parthenos kneeling right, holding arrow and bow; PA behind head / Griffin springing left. SNG BM Black Sea 754-60 var. (magistrate).TextImage
SNG BMC 819Chersonesus, Thrace, 2nd-1st C. BC, AR Drachm. 3.97 g. Turreted head of Artemis right, bow and quiver at shoulder / CER MOIPIOS to right and beneath of stag standing right. BMC Black Sea 819; BMC 3; Jameson 323, 1358. Struck on an earlier drachm of Chersonesus.TextImage
SNGCop 7Tauric Chersonese, Chersonesos. ca 350-300 BC. AE 21mm. Artemis Parthenos, holding torch in right hand, driving galloping quadriga right; trace of a letter above / XEP, warrior, nude except for a peaked hat, crouching right behind a large round shield, holding a spear pointed forwards. SNG BMC 734. TextImage
SNGCop 16Cherronesos, Imperial times, AE21. XEP C, Asklepios standing right looking back, holding serpent-staff / ELE VTEPAC, Salus standing right, feeding snake held in arms. TextImage
Sear #1667Tauric Chersonese, Chersonesus, Thrace, AE21, (7.09g) 4th to 3rd century BC, Artemis Parthenos kneeling right, holding bow and arrow. / ISTIEIP Griffin bounding left, XEP below. TextObvRev
Sear #1668Thrace, Chersonesos. ca 250 BC. AE 20mm. XEP, Artemis Parthenos kneeling right on back of stag about to slay it, holding a bow in her left hand, dagger in right / Bull butting left on club; DIAGORA & bow below. SNG BMC 769, SNG Cop 9.
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