Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Perrhaebi

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BCD Thess. 550Perrhaiboi, Thessaly, AR obol, ca. 480-400 BC. 0.81 g. Horse prancing left. / Π-E-Ρ-A, Athena Itonia running, half kneeling right, in fighting attitude, holding horizontal spear and shield on left arm. BCD Thessaly 550; SNG Ashmolean 3904.TextImage
Sear SG 2171
The Perrhaebi, Thessaly. ca 480-400 BC. AR Obol, 0.7 g. Horse prancing left, trailing reins. / Π-E-Ρ-A, Athena running right, holding spear and shield. BMC 4; SNG Cop 195; Sear SG 2171; Philipsen 671b (this coin).TextImage
McClean 4661Perrhaiboi, Thessaly, late 5th century BC. AR Hemidrachm, 15mm, 2.88 gr. Hero to right, naked, with petasos and chlamys flying behind his back, holding a band with both his hands and attempting to pass it around the head of a bull’s forepart to right / Π-E above, (Ρ-A) below, upside down and retrograde, forepart of horse right, all within a very shallow incuse square with rounded edges and corners. Traité IV, 572; McClean 4661; BMC 1.TextImage
Rogers 144Perrhaebi, Thessaly, 300-200 BC. AE17. Bearded, laureate head of Zeus right / ΠEΡΡAIBΩN, Hera, wearing chiton and veil, seated right on stool, holding sceptre. Moustaka 100, 17. Rogers 144, 440. SNG Cop. 197.TextImage
SNG Cop 196Thessaly, The Perrhaebi. ca 400-344 BC. AE 20mm. Veiled head of Hera facing, head turned slightly left / ΠEΡΡAI-BΩN, Zeus standing facing, holding thunderbolt in right hand, reversed spear in left. TextImage
SNG Fitz 2429Thessaly, The Perrhaebi, AR Hemidrachm. ca 450-400 BC. Thessalian youth (Thessalos), naked, trying to restrain bull / Π-E, Forepart of horse right. Weber 2887. TextImage
Traite 579Perrhaiboi, Thessaly, 475-460 BC; AR Obol, 0,75gr. Forepart of bull right, head facing, within wreath / Π-E-Ρ, head of bridled horse right, within incuse square. BMC 10; Traite II-4, 579.TextImage
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