Ancient Coinage of Aeolis, Larissa Phrikonis

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BMC 3Larissa Phrikonis, Aeolis. 4th century BC. AE 10mm, 1.24 g. Female head left, hair bound in sphendone / ΛAΡI, Amphora; caduceus to left, grape bunch to right. BMC 3; Traite 2069.TextImage
BMC 4Larissa-Phrikonis, Aeolis, 4th C. BC, AE11, 1.14 gr. Female head left, wearing sphendone and earrings / ΛA-ΡI, amphora, caduceus in left field, bunch of grapes above, grain ear in right field. BMC 4.TextImage
CNG 66, 436Larissa Phrikonis, Aeolis, AE10, ca. 350 BC. Female head right, horned / ΛA, bull's head right. Imhoof Monnaies Grecques 238 var (obv. type); Weber 5563 var (ditto). Apparently unpublished.TextImage
Klein 337Larissa Phrikonis, Aeolis. AE14, 1.59 grams, 4th century BC. head of Apollo right / ΛAΡIΣA, bull standing right. Klein 337; Sear -; Mionnet -; BMC-.TextImage
SNG Cop 210Larissa Phrikonis, Aiolis, AE11, ca. 350 BC. Female head left / ΛAΡI, amphora, barley corn to right. SNG Cop 210; Traite 2069.TextImage
SNGCop 212Larissa Phrikonis, Aeolis. 400-350 BC. AE 10mm; Three-quarter facing female head, turned slightly right, in necklace / Λ-A, laureate head of Apollo right. SNG Copenhagen 212.TextImage
SNG Munich 563Larissa-Phrikonis AE10,, 4th C. BC. Horned head of river-god facing three-quarters to right / ΛA, bull's head right. SNG Munich 563-564; Klein 339.TextImage
Traite 2067Aeolis, Larissa Phrikonis. ca 4th Century BC. AE 11mm. Horned head of river-god facing slightly right / ΛA, bull's head right.Text

Weber 5563Larissa Phrikonis, Aeolis. Ca 4th Century BC. AE 10m 1.22gr. Female head facing, turned slightly right, wearing necklace, hair loose / ΛA, bull's head right. Weber 5563.TextImage
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