Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Cabyle

A village in SE Bulgaria (modern day Yambol Province) with ruins of the ancient city and acropolis. It remained an important fortress until the end of the Middle Ages.

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Moushmov 3882Kabyle, Thrace. AE20, 275-250 BC. 6.7 g. Laureate head of Apollo right / KABY-ΛHNΩN, Artemis in short tunic, quiver over shoulder, standing left, holding patera in right hand and long torch in left, stag at foot, upright club to right. Moushmov 3882; SNG Black Sea 193; SNG Stancomb 54; Hoover HGC 1464.Text

Moushmov 3886Kabyle, Thrace, AE16, Ca 270-170 BC. 3.1 g. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress / KABY downwards in left field, Artemis Phosphoros standing facing, holding two torches, upright club to right.TextImage
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