Ancient Coinage of Apulia, Asculum

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BMC 5Apulia, Ausculum, AE 18mm. 3rd Century BC. Head of young Herakles left, in lion's skin, club behind neck / Nike standing right, holding wreath & palm. SNG ANS 648.TextImage
Rutter_654Apulia, Ausculum. Circa 240 BC. AE 20mm. Head of Herakles left / Nike standing right. SNG ANS 648-650.TextImage
Sear SG 571Ausculum, Apulia. AE Obol. ca 300-275 BC. 8.63 g. AYTYΣKΛI, horse's head left / AYTYΣKΛI right, grain ear. SNG ANS 647; BMC 1-3; Sear SG 571.TextImage
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