Ancient Coinage of Spain, Lastigi

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Burgos 1680Lastigi, Spain, AE Quadrans 3,35 gr. 19 mm. Helmeted head right within wreath / LAS within wreath. Burgos (2008), 1680; SNG Cop 165; RPC 58, Quadrans.Text

SNG BM 1567Lastigi, Spain, ca 150-100 BC. AE Half Unit (Semis), 25mm, 6.25 g. Helmeted male head right / LASTIGI between grain ear left above and below. CNH 3; SNG BM Spain 1567.TextImage
SNG Cop 165Lastigi, Spain, 2nd. century BC. AE Quadrans. 5 gr. Helmeted, male head right in wreath / LAS within wreath. Heiss 4; SNG Cop 165; Burgos 1680.TextImage

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