Ancient Coinage of Britain, Atrebates, Epillus

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Seaby 96Atrebates, Eppillus, AV Quarter-Stater, 1.16 g. ca. 10 BC–10 AD. CALLEV with star above and below. / EPPI, hound running right, circle above, daisy of dots below, three dots beneath the hound's tail. Seaby 96; Van Arsdell 408-1; BMC 1002-1005.TextImage
Seaby 99Celtic Britain. Epillus. Mid-late 1st century B.C. AR Unit. REX CALLE above and beneath crescent / EPP, eagle flying right. Seaby 99; VA 415; BMC 1016-1060. TextImage
Seaby 103Atrebates Kings, Eppillus. 20 BC-1 AD. AR Spiral Minim, 0.35 gr. Four-armed spiral with pellet quatrefoil in angles / EPP above goat standing right. Seaby 103; BMC 1118-1120; ABC 1172.TextImage
Seaby 356British Celts, Eppillus, c. 25-35 AD, AR unit. EPATI Head of Hercules right / Eagle facing, wings open, head left. Van Arsdell 580-1; Nash 212.
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VA 435.1Celtic Britain, Atrebates. Eppilus, Kentish Type, 10 BC-10 AD. AV Quarter Stater (1.2g). EPPIL COMI, inscription in two lines / Pegasus flying right. VA 435-1.TextImage
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