Ancient Coinage of Axum, Armah

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BMC 566KINGS of AXUM (Aksum), Armah. Circa 600-630 AD. AR 22mm (0.84 g, 12h). King Armah (in Ge'ez), crowned & draped bust right, holding cross; gilding on crown / Mercy & Peace (in Ge'ez), church facade with cross above & keyhole below; cross & keyhole inlaid with gold. Munro-Hay 151; BMC Aksum 566. TextImage
BMC 573KINGS of AXUM (Aksum), Armah AE19. Circa 600-630 AD. King Armah (in Ge'ez), crowned king seated right, holding a long cross; dot in the right field / Let there be joy to the people (in Ge'ez), cross framed by two stalks of grain, all emerging from a ring. Munro-Hay Type 153; BMC Aksum 573. TextImage
BMC 589Kings of Axum, Armah AE20. Circa 600-640 AD. King Armah (in Ge'ez), king enthroned right, holding cross scepter; three pellets to right / Let There be Joy to the People (in Ge'ez), voided cross in wreath; gilt center. Munro-Hay 153; BMC Aksum 589. TextImage
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