Ancient Coinage of Pisidia, Parlais

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Aulock Parlais 13Commodus, AE of Parlais, Pisidia. 1.91 g. IMP L AVR COMMODVS, laureate head right / COL PARLA, panther standing left, one front paw raised. Aulock Parlais 13 corr. (described as a lion) in JNG XXIII.TextImage
von Aulock 19Septimius Severus ∆ 22mm of Parlais, Pisidia. CAES L SEP SEVER P IMP, laureate & cuirassed bust right / IVL AVG COL PARLAIS, Tyche Soterios (Fortuna Redux) standing left holding rudder & cornucopiae. TextImage
BMC 4Julia Domna, AE of Parlais, Pisidia. 5.13 g. IVLIA DOMNA, draped bust right / IVL AVG COL PARLAIS, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. BMC 4; Von Aulock 29; SNG Pfalz 299.TextImage
SNG Cop 14Julia Domna, AE20 of Parlais, Pisidia. 4.7g. IVLIA DOMNA AVG, diademed, draped bust left / IVL AVG COL PARLAIS; MÍn wearing Phrygian cap, standing right, foot on bucranium, holding pine cone and sceptre. SNG Copenhagen 14; McClean 9041; SNG France III 1678; Waddington 4794; BMC 2.TextImage
SNG Fr 1678Julia Domna, AE22 of Parlais, Pisidia. IVLIA DOMNA AVG. draped bust left / IVL AVG COL PARLAIS, MÍn standing right, wearing Phrygian cap, left foot on bucranium, holding pine cone in left hand and sceptre in right. SNG France III, 1678; Waddington 4794; McClean 9041; BMC 1; SNG Cop 14; Von Aulock, Parlais 24.TextImage
Aulock 31Caracalla, AE24 of Parlais, Pisidia. 5.1g. IMP M AVR ANTONI(NOS), laureate, draped bust right / IVL AVG CO(L PARLAIS); Caracalla as MÍn in military dress, standing facing, head right, crescent on shoulder, foot on bucranium, holding pine-cone and staff. Aulock Pisidia 2, 31.TextImage
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