Ancient Coinage of Bithynia, Bithynium

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RecGen 1Bithynium, Bithynia. AE 24mm, 6.4 gr, 59 BC. C. Papirius Carbo, Proconsul. Obv: BIQUNIEWN, head of young Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy; DKS (= local year 224) before / EPI GAIOU PAPIRIOU KARBONOS to left and right of Roma seated left on shields, holding Nike and sceptre; RWMH in exergue. Sear 3733; BMC 1; RecGen 1.TextImage
RecGen 15Antinous AE37 Medallion of Bithynia, Bithynium. ANTINOOC QEON HPATPIC, bare-headed, draped bust left / BEIQUNIEWN ADRIANWN, Hermes standing left, holding pedum in left arm & placing right hand on neck of bull standing left beside him. Blum 9.TextObvRev
Featherz Elag265Elagabalus, AE30 of Bithynium (Claudiopolis), Bithynia. M AVRH ANTWNINOC AVGOU, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / ADRIANWN BIQUNEWN, Nemesis standing left, right hand plucking at the neck of her robe, wheel at foot. Apparently unpublished.TextImage
RecGen 69Valerian I, AE31 of Bithynium (Claudiopolis), Bithynia, AD 253-260 AD. AVT..POU LIK OUALERIANOC CEB (or similar), laureate, draped bust right / BEIQUNIEWN ADRIANWN, Zeus seated left, holding patera and long sceptre. RecGen 69.TextImage
RecGen 71Gallienus AE30 of Bithynium, Bithynia. POU LIK GALLHNOC CE, laureate head right / BUQUNIEWN ADRIANWN, Zeus seated left holding patera & sceptre. BMC 20. TextImage
RecGen 72Gallienus AE24 of Bithynium, Bithynia. POU LIK GALLHNOC C, laureate head right / BUQUNIEWN ADRIANWN, Zeus seated left holding patera & sceptre.TextImage
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