Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Lilybaion / Lilybaeum

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BMC 2Lilibaeum, Sicily. 241 BC. AE 19; 8.44 gr. Head of Apollo right / ΛIΛYBAI-ITAN to left and right of lyre. BMC Sicily, 2.TextImage
RPC 655Lilybaeum, Sicily. L. Sempronius Atratinus. 36 BC. AE 28.14 mm, 14.17 g. ΛIΛYBAIITAIC, Veiled and turreted head of Tyche right, within ornamented surround. / ATΡATINO ΠYΘIΩN, serpent-entwined tripod. RPC 655; Hoover HGC 748; CNS 15; BMC 6; SNG Cop 376-377.Text

RPC 656Sicily, Lilybaeum. Time of Augustus. 27 BC-14 AD. AE 19mm 6.61 gm. AVGV within wreath / [ΛI]ΛY-BITA, Cithara / Lyre. RPC I 656.TextImage
SNGCop 374Lilybaeum, Sicily. AE 19 mm. after 241 BC. 6.47 gr. Laureate head of Apollo right with bow and quiver at shoulder / ΛIΛYBAITΩN, lyre. SNG Cop. 374.TextImage
SNG Cop 375Sicily, Lilybaeum. AE 18. Circa 240 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / ΛIΛYBAITAN, Tripod, three pellets to right. SNG Cop 375; Sear 1125. TextImage
Sear SG 1126Sicily, Lilybaion AE28. 1st Century BC. ΛIΛYBAIITAIC, veiled female head right in triangular frame / ATΡATINO ΠYΘIΩN, serpent climbing a tripod. BMC 4-6, SNGCop 376-377. TextImage
RPC 656Augustus AE 19mm of Sicily, Lilybaeum. LILY/BITA, Cithara / AVGV within wreath.TextImage
RPC 657Augustus, AE26 (as) of Lilybaeum. CAESAR AVGVSTVS, Bare head right. / Head of Apollo right.TextObvRev
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