Ancient Coinage of Cilicia, Isaura

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SNG Lev 258Cilicia, Isaura. Circa 3rd Century AD. AE19. Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress / IC-A-V-PWN, youthful male with long hair riding lion right, holding sword. TextImage
Price 502Septimius Severus AE28 of Isaura, Cilicia. AV K L CEP CEOVHPOC PERT, laureate head right / MHTROPOLEWC ICAVPWN, Tyche within archway between two towers, a third tower behind. TextImage
SNG Levante 262Caracalla AE26 of Issaura, Cilicia. AV K M AV ANTWNEINOC, laureate, cuirassed, boy's bust right / MHTROPOLEWC ICAV-PEWN, emperor standing right, with spear, clasping hands with Apollo, goat resting right between them. Ziegler 4.TextImage
SNG Levante 263Caracalla AE26mm of Cilicia, Isaura. Laureate & cuirassed bust right / Tetrastyle temple, bust (of Severus or Zeus?) right on column within. SNG France 497.TextImage
SNG Levante 264Caracalla AE 26 of Isaura, Cilicia. Laureate & cuirassed bust right / Tetrastyle temple, Tyche seated within, holding rudder & cornucopiae; Nike stands atop, holding wreath & palm-branch.TextImage
SNG France 495Caracalla AE27 of Isaura, Cilicia. AV K M AV ANTWNINOC, laureate, cuirassed, youthful bearded bust right / MHTPOPOLEWC ICAVP-WN, emperor standing right in military attire, shaking hands with nude Apollo standing left, goat leaping right between them. SNGvA 5410. TextImage
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