Ancient Coinage of Judaea, Yehud

[Hendin 437]

Judaea, Yehud (the Persian word for Judaea) during Persian (ca 375-333 BC) and Ptolemaic (333-2nd century BC) periods.

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Hendin 426Judaea, Yehud AR Obol. Before 333 BC. Head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet / owl standing right, head facing, lily flower to left, paleo-Hebrew inscription YHD to right. Meshorer 4b. TextImage
Hendin 426cfJudaea, "Yehud" Persian Period AR Hemiobol. Crude head of Athena right / owl standing right. TextImage
Hendin 426vYehud, Persian Period, before 333 BC, silver obol of 7.7 mm, 0.53 grams. Blank. / Owl standing right, three Hebrew letters YHD. TextImage
Hendin 427Judaea, Persian period. 375-333 BCE. AR Hemiobol. Lily / Falcon standing front, head right, wings spread. Meshorer 15; Mildenberg, Yehud pl. 21, 11; Hendin 427. TextImage
Hendin 429Judaea. Persian period. 375-333 BCE. AR Hemiobol. Crowned head of bearded Persian right / Falcon standing front, head left, wings spread. Meshorer 16d; cf. Mildenberg, Yehud pl. 21, 11. TextImage
Hendin 433Judaea. Persian period. Hezekiah. 375-333 BCE. AR Hemiobol. Male head left / YHZQYH, forepart of winged and horned mythical lion (lynx) left. Meshorer 24; Mildenberg, Yehud 19. TextImage
Hendin 436Judaea, Persian period. 375-333 BCE. AR Drachm. Helmeted head of Athena right / Owl standing right; Hebrew Y (retrograde) in right field. Cf. Meshorer 2-12. TextImage
Hendin 437Judaea. Hellenistic period. Circa 333-285 BCE. AR Tetartemorion. Bare head of young male left / YHD, Ptolemaic style eagle standing left. Meshorer 29. TextImage
Hendin 438Judaea, under Ptolemy II Philadelphos, AR Hemiobol. 285-246 BC. Diademed head of Ptolemy I right / Ptolemaic eagle standing left. Meshorer 32; Mildenberg, Yehud pl. 21, 24. TextImage
Hendin 439Judaea. Hellenistic period. Ptolemy II Philadelphos. 285-246 BCE. AR Hemiobol. Diademed head of Ptolemy I right / Head of Berenike I right. Meshorer 33; Mildenberg, Yehud pl. 21, 26. TextImage
Hendin 440JUDEA. Yehud. After 333 BCE. Silver hemiobol, 0.33 g. Blank but for pellet / Hebrew inscription Yhwdh, bird standing right, head reverted. Meshorer 17b. TextImage
Hendin 440aYehud, after 333 BC. AR hemiobol, 6.9 mm, 0.34 g. Bird standing fully right, (head turned back ?) / Egg-like pellet. TextImage
Hendin 1057aYehud, Judaea, Achaemenid Province, Anonymous. ca 375-332 BC. AR Gerah or Obol, 9mm, 0.6 g. Worn: helmeted head of Athena right. / Owl standing right, head facing; lily to left. Yehud inscription to right. Hendin 1057a; Meshorer 6a; Hoover HGC 437. Hendin 1057aTextImage
Hendin 1060Yehud, Achaemenid Province, Judaea AR Hemiobol. Persian Period, before 333 BCE. Hemiobol, 0.37 g. Lily flower. / Hebrew inscription YHD to right of falcon standing front, head right, wings spread. Hendin 1060; Sofaer 10.TextImage
Hendin 1061Yehud, Achaemenid Province, Judaea AR half Gerah (Twenty-fourth Shekel), 6 mm. ca 375-332 BC. 0.27 g. Human ear. / YHD (in Phoenician) to right of falcon standing front, head right, wings spread. Hendin 1061; Meshorer 18; Hoover HGC 440. cf Hendin 428 (obol).TextImage
Hendin 1062Yehud, Achaemenid Province, Judaea AR Gerah (twenty-fourth shekel). ca 375-332 BC. 7 mm, 0.26 g. Horn, crescent or shofar. / YHD in Phoenician to right of falcon standing front, head right, wings spread. Hendin 1062; Meshorer 19; Hoover HGC 446.TextImage
Hendin 1063Yehud, Achaemenid Province, Judaea AR Half-Ma'ah Forty-eighth Shekel, 7mm, 0.34 g. ca 375-332 BC. Incense bowl with flame and smoke. / YHD in Phoenician to right of falcon standing front, head right, wings spread. Hendin 1063; MCP YHD 15.TextImage
SNG ANS 13Palestine. Uncertain rulers. 4th Century BC. AR Drachm, 4.12 g. Amorphous raised area, no type; two square test punches / owl standing right, head facing. TextImage
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