Ancient Coinage of Troas, Kolone

A small town on the western border of Troas, just south of Alexandreia Troas. Only these reverse types are known.

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BMC 5Kolone, Troas, AE11. 400-300 BC. Helmeted head of Athena left / KOΛΩNAEΩN between the rays of an 8-rayed star, flower or ornament. SNG Cop 281; Weber 5359; BMC 5-6.TextImage
SNG Cop 277Troas, Kolone. 4th century BC. AE 16mm, 4.17 g. Laureate and helmeted head of Athena right / KOΛΩNAEΩN, star of nine rays. SNG Cop 277-8; SNG von Aulock 1559; BMC 1-4.TextImage
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