Ancient Coinage of Lycia, Termessos Minor

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BMC 8Termessus Minor, Lycia, AE17. 100-0 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right; bee countermark / TEΡMEΣ-ΣEΩN to left and right of lyre. BMC 8; SNG Cop. 140-142; SNG v. Aulock 4459 (all with this countermark).TextImage
BMC 10-11Termessos Minor, Lycia, AE20, 39-25 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right, sceptre behind shoulder. / TEΡ-MHΣ-ΣE-ΩN across fields above and beneath winged thunderbolt. BMC 10-11; SNG von Aulock 4455 and 8499; Weber 7477-7479; SNG Cop 137-138; Sear 5358.TextImage
Imhoof KM 1Termessos Minor, Lycia, AE12, 100-1 BC. Draped bust of Hermes right, wearing petatos, bee behind head (often described as a cornucopiae). / TEΡMHΣΣEΩN to left and right of eagle standing right on caduceus. Imhoof KM 1; SNG Cop 143; Sear 5360; SNG von Aulock 4456; Waddington 4019-4020; SNG Tuebingen 4281-4282.TextImage
SNG Cop 137Lycia, Termessos Minor. Circa 1st Century BC. AE 20mm. Laureate head of Zeus right, sceptre behind / Winged thunderbolt. TextImage
SNG Cop 139Lycia, Termessos Minor, AE 16. Laureate head of Apollo right / TEΡMEΣ-ΣEΩN to left and right of lyre. TextImage
SNG vA 4455Lycia, Termessos Minor. 1st Century BC. AE 21mm (5.38 gm). Laureate head of Zeus right, countermark of bee / Thunderbolt in dotted circle. TextImage
RPC 3358Tiberius, AE of Termessos Minor, Lycia. 14-37 AD, 3.20 g. Laureate head right / TEΡOI, horse galloping left. RPC 3358; BMC 15.TextImage
RPC 3360Tiberius, AE18 of Termessos Minor, Lycia, 14-37 AD. Bare head right / TEΡ O above and below horse running right. RPC I 3360.TextImage
RPC 3360Tiberius, AE18 of Termessos Minor-Oinoanda, Lycia. 4.62gr. Bare head of Tiberius right / TEΡ OI above and beneath free horse galloping right. RPC 3360; Imhoof GM 548.TextImage
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