Ancient Coinage of Bithynia, Prusa Ad Olympum

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SNGCop 584Bithynia, Prusa ad Olympum. C Papirius Carbo, Proconsul. 62-59 BC. AE 22mm. Struck year 224 (59-58 BC). Ivy-wreathed head of Dionysus right; monogram before; DSK (date) below / Roma seated left on shields, holding Nike & spear. TextImage
RecGen 8Trajan, AE of Prusa, Bithynia. 98-117 AD. AYT NER TRAIANOC A KAI CE GER DA, laureate head right / PROYCAEWN, Athena standing left, holding two spears. RecGen 8; BMC 3.TextImage
SGI 2107Didius Julianus AE23 of Prusa ad Olympum, Bithynia. AVT K M DIDIOC-IOVLIANOC AVG, laureate, cuirassed bust right / PR-OV-CAEWN across fields and beneath six-columned temple. Rec Gén 67.TextImage
SNG von Aulock 873Caracalla AE 25mm of Bithynia, Prusa ad Olympum. AVT K M AVP ANTWNEINOC CEB, laureate head right / PRO-UCAEW-N, Ajax the Telamonian falling upon his sword left; pile of stones before, shield below.TextImage
SNG von Aulock 873Caracalla AE 24mm of Prusa ad Olympum. AVT K M AVP A-NTWNINOC CE-B, laureate and bearded head right / PRO[UCAEW]N, Ajax the Telamonian left, falling upon his sword. Waddington 102.TextImage
BMC 22Caracalla AE25 of Bithynia, Prusa ad Olympum. AVT K M AVP AN-TWNINOC CEB, laureate bust right / PPOVCAEW-N, Telamonian Aias, nude, helmeted, kneeling on right knee facing left; left leg extending behind; right hand holding drawn sword given him by Hektor, point pressed to belly in the moment prior to hurling himself upon it; pile of rocks before, circular shield below him.TextImage
RecGen 94 varGeta AE34 of Bithynia, Prusa ad Olympum. AYT K P CEPT GETAC AUGOU, laureate head right / PPOVCAEWN, Minerva standing left, holding spear & shield. RecGen 94 var (Caracalla). Unlisted for Geta. TextImage
RecGen 110Geta, AE18 of Prusa ad Olympum, Bithynia, 3.45 g. L CEP GETAC K, bare head right / PRYCAEWN, Eros standing right, holding bow. Rec Gen 110 corr. (bow, not butterfly).TextImage
RecGen 123Diadumenian, AE of Prusa ad Olympum, Bithynia. 7.48 g. M OPEL ANTWNINOC DIADOUMENIANOC, bare head right / PROUCAEWN, Ajax, helmeted, naked, kneeling left, falling onto a sword on a rock, cuirass and shield below. RecGen 123; Mionnet 2, 401.TextImage
RecGen 153Maximus, AE20 of Prusa ad Olympum, Bithynia. AD 235-238. 5.15 g. G IOY OYH MAXIMOC K, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right / PROUCAEWN, Athena standing left, holding patera and spear, shield at her side. RecGen 153; BMC 32; Lindgren III 217.TextImage
Rec Gen 157Tranquillina, AE28 of Prusa ad Olympum, Bithynia. 238-244 AD. CABEINIA TRANKYLLEINA AV, diademed, draped bust right / PROYCAEWN, Female deity or Muse seated left, holding scroll. RecGen 157; SNG von Aulock 881.TextImage
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