Ancient Coinage of Mysia, Astyra

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BMC 12Astyra, Mysia, AE unit, 400-300 BC. 1.17 g. Head of Aphrodite (?) right, wearing sphendone, earring and necklace / AΣTY, amphora, bunch of grapes in right field. BMC 12-13; Stauber Adramytteion 14A-14C; Babelon Traité II-1, 1620; Philipsen 2303.TextImage
Klein 253Astyra, Mysia, AE unit. struck by the satrap Tissaphernes, 400-395 BC. 1.89 g. TIΣΣA, bare head of Tissaphernes right / AΣTYΡH, Cult image of Artemis Astyra facing, wearing polos and veil. Klein 253.TextImage
Klein 255Astyra, Mysia, AE11, struck under satrap Tissaphernes, ca. 400-395 BC. 1.15 g. Head of Athena right / TIΣΣA, Horseman on horseback galloping right, holding spear in raised right hand. Winzer 6,3; Klein 255.TextImage
SNG Fr 124AAstyra, Mysia. AE13, Satrap Tissaphernes. Ca 400-395 BC. TIΣΣA beneath head of Tissaphernes right / AΣTYΡA, Cult image of Artemis Astyra. SNG France 123A; Klein 253. TextImage
Stauber Type CAstyra, Mysia, AE11, struck under satrap Tissaphernes, ca. 400-395 BC. 1.62 g. Helmeted head of Athena right / TIΣΣAΦEΡNOY, head of Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy. Stauber Adramytteion type C; Winzer 6.1 ("head of Tissaphernes").TextImage
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