Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Demetrius II

Demetrius II Aetolicus, son of Antigonus Gonatas, King of Macedonia 239-229 BC.
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AMNG 1Demetrius II of Macedonia. AE13, 239-229 BC. 3.66 g. Macedonian shield with ΔHΡ monogram in centre. / BA-ΣI, Macedonian helmet. AMNG 1; SNG Cop 1224.TextImage
Mionnet 888Demetrius II, AE, King of Macedonia. 239-229 BC. Macedonian shield with caduceus in the centre / B-A at upper left and right of Macedonian helmet with two ear flaps, caduceus at lower left, rose (balaustine) at lower right, Δ on H monogram below. Mionnet I, 888; cf Waddington 2803 (no monogram).TextImage

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