Ancient Coinage of Megaris, Pagae

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BCD Pelop 66-1Commodus, AE of Pagae, Megaris. 5.40 g. Laureate head right / ΠAΓAEΩN beneath emperor on horseback galloping left. BCD Peloponnesos 66.1.TextImage
BCD Pelop 66-3Commodus, AE of Pagae, Megaris. 8.61 g. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from the back / Distyle temple, seen in perspective, with entrance to left; tree to right. BCD Peloponnesos 66.3.TextImage
BCD Pelop 67-3Commodus, AE Diassarion of Pagae, Megaris. 8.48 g. AD 177-192. Laureate head right / ΠAΓAEΩN, distyle temple with Artemis Phosphorus standing right within, tree to left and right. BCD Peloponnesos 67.3; Mionnet Supp. III, 397.TextImage

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