Ancient Coinage of Britain, Durotriges

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Seaby 60vEnglish Celtic, The Durotridges, billon or AE stater, (3.02g) c. 60 BC - 20 AD, Disintegrated face right. / Disintegrated horse right. Seaby 60var. TextImage
Seaby 62English Celtic, the Durotridges, Billon Stater. c 60 BC - 20 AD, thin flan type of 55 BC, Highly celticized face right. / Highly celticized horse right. Seaby 62.TextImage
VA 1205British Celts, Durotriges, gold stater, "chute" type. 85-55 BC. Abstract head of Apollo right / Strongly Celticized, disjointed horse right, "crab" pattern below. VA 1205-5; BMC 35ff; S 22; Mack 32.TextImage
VA 1235Durotriges AR stater, ca 58-35 BC. 20mm. Abstract head of Apollo right / Disjointed horse left. VA 1235,52,54,55, Mack 317; Spink 366.TextImage
VA 1235-1Durotriges, British Celts. AR stater, ca. 58-45 BC. "Chute" type. 5,19 g. Abstract laureate head of Apollo right / Strongly Celticized, disjointed horse left, globules above. Mack 32 note; BMC 2525ff; Van Arsdell 1235-1.TextImage
VA 1242 Celtic Britain, Durotriges AR Quarter Stater. 1st century BC. BMC 2734. TextImage
VA 1252Celtic Britain, Durotriges. 40-35 BC. Billon stater. 3.9 gr, 16.92 mm. Head of Apollo right / Horse left. Durotrigan H. type; VA 1252.TextImage
VA 1260 Durotriges Billon 1/4 Stater. 40-35 BC. Third Geometric Type. Obverse worn blank / seated figure(?) Text

Sear SG 172Celtic Durotriges AR Stater. Laureate head of Apollo right / very crude disjointed horse galloping to left, pellet beneath. TextImage
Seaby #60English Celtic, The Durotridges, AR or billon stater. 60 BC - 20 AD, Disintegrated face right / Disjointed horse right.TextObvRev
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